Can We apply Coconut Oil on feet at Night? 

coconut oil on feet at night

The feet of a woman are one of the sexually attractive parts. Most of the time our feet do the talking. When you laugh, ever look at your foot movement. The happier you are, the more open posture you attain. Psychologists have verified that men look for the submissive behavior of the woman through her feet multiple times. 

Our feet bear a lot, we punish them in uncomfortable shoes, high heels and don’t make time to pamper them. These days when we feel going to parlors for a pedicure will do everything to her feet is true only to some extent. Like skincare, hand care, foot care is the new popular beauty care. The beauty of our feet is equally important and cannot be neglected.

And coconut oil is my favorite and will become yours too. Recently we have seen how coconut oil is good for the face and now using it from head to toe is my recent excitement. I am the type of person who wishes to accept one healthy product for the entire body over multiple additions to my beauty care. I prefer to use skincare products at night and coconut oil is an add-on benefit for all my needs. If you are in the mood of pampering your feet using natural oil, here’s how and why you should do it. 


Coconut oil is your lotion potion. 


Can We apply Coconut Oil on feet at Night? 

Yes, applying coconut oil on your feet at night is healthy not only for your feet but also for the mind. Coconut oil has become the rage in recent years for its moisturizing properties. There are countless benefits of using coconut oil on hair, skin, hands and now on feet. Apply it daily on your toes, ankles, and whole feet, and leave overnight. In case you feel like getting your bedsheet oil, place a towel below your feet. 

Coconut oil is a healthy ingredient to cure crack and dry feet by providing key essential fatty lipids. These lipids improve the barrier function of the skin, allowing it to feel supple and hydrated after the application. 

Coconut oil contains antibacterial and antifungal properties and is the perfect ingredient to fight foot infection, swollen feet, and strengthening toenails. 

Is it good massage oil before bed? So yes you can give your feet a good oil massage at night. A good massage before bed is relaxing and sleep-inducing. When you massage your foot you activate sensitive acupuncture points which when pressed relieve tension and stress. 

Our feet need a little extra care compared to our hands. Because they work a lot all day, bear the whole body weight, tight shoes, hard surfaces, workout punishments until we decide to lie in bed. In this case, applying coconut oil at night soothes inflammation and relaxes any kind of strain or pain in the feet. 

There are lots of benefits you get when you massage oil on your feet. From promoting better sleep, improving blood circulation, and relieving joint pains and other body aches, it is also best to get those beautiful and soft feet. 

How do you use coconut oil on your feet? 

coconut oil on feet at night

Do your feet hurt? Are your feet dry? Get the benefits of coconut oil by using a small amount on your feet for instant control. Try coconut oil as your homemade foot massage. 

  • Before massaging oil, wash your feet with soap. 
  • Now sit on your bed with a towel below your feet. 
  • Pour some coconut oil into a bowl. It would be more beneficial if you warm it a little. 
  • Take a few drops of oil on the palm gently massage your feet one by one. 
  • Massage the oil with a firm hand and apply it all over on your soles, between the toes, and in the front and the back.  
  • Treat dry, flaky cuticles by rubbing coconut oil into your nail beds. 
  • Press the toes and fingers softly to activate those sensitive points. 
  • Stretch the feet back and forth and feel the tension in the leg. 
  • Continue doing the massage for 10-15 minutes. 
  • If you feel there is too much oil spread, dab a towel to remove the extra oil and relax. 

Massaging coconut oil will replace the need of using a moisturizer. Coconut oil massage is great in winters because during winters you need to take extra care of your feet. Using coconut oil will not dry out your feet quickly and helps to retain moisture whilst you take a hot shower. 

Does coconut oil soften feet? 

Yes, coconut oil softens your feet. Coconut oil is packed with highly nourishing and moisturizing properties that help to improve skin texture and get soft and smooth feet with regular use. 

In fact, it works to combat dryness and also to remove those scandal strap tan marks. You can directly apply coconut oil to your feet at night and cover it with socks to seal in the moisture. And the result is smooth and healthier heels in the morning. 

Can we leave coconut oil on feet overnight? 

Many people think that leaving coconut oil on the feet overnight can make their skin too oily or smelly. They feel the coconut oil smell will stay around all day on their feet. This in turn will make it difficult for them to wear flats as their feet become oily and greasy. If you think so, the answer is a big NO. There is no problem with the smell of coconut oil. Coconut oil is thin and light oil and absorbed easily by the skin very quickly. When you wash your feet with soap, all the extra oil gets washed away easily. Those with dry feet will not face such kinds of problems. However, even if you feel your feet being too oily, limit the application of coconut oil on alternate days. 

Can coconut oil heal cracked feet? 

Yes, coconut oil is the best remedy to cure cracked feet. Cracked heels are a common foot problem, especially in summers. The visible signs of cracked feet when the skin dries thickened around the rim of your heel. And when we work on our feet or simply walk, the fat pad under the heels expands and leads to cracked feet. It can occur due to long hours on foot, walking barefoot, high heels, or living in extreme temperatures. 

This condition is normal and can be prevented from regular moisturizing, otherwise, they will dry out faster. 

How to use it for cracked feet? 

To prevent cracked heels either you apply it directly as a moisturizer and lock the feet with a pair of clean socks. 

The other way is by soaking the feet in the water. To a bucket of warm water add a small amount of coconut oil and combine a few drops of lavender oil and soak the feet for about 10-15 minutes. The warmth will soften the cracks in the feet and the oil will penetrate deeply. After this take the feet out of the water and pat them dry and use a towel. 

If your feet are extremely dry and cracked, a foot is a must to include in your feet care routines. Foot creams nourish your feet and prevent dryness. You make your one for yourself with just two ingredients. 

Shea butter and coconut oil

Take 2 tablespoons of Shea butter and one tablespoon of coconut oil. Mix both the ingredients and warm both for a few minutes. And your foot cream is ready to be used.  Apply this coconut foot cream on your feet at night. Doing this on a regular basis will get you soft and silky feet. 


How to use coconut oil as a cleanser on feet? 

coconut oil on feet at night

It is known by now that coconut oil is a good moisturizer but you might don’t know that it also has bleaching properties. Coconut oil can be used in the face to tighten and cleanse the skin and the same way it can be used for feet cleansing. Our feet get dull and rough because of the dirt, avoidance, and dead skin that is built upon the feet. This dead skin can only be removed by using a cleanser or a scrub.

Want to know: Is scrubbing good for oily skin?  

Coconut oil can be combined with other ingredients to make a scrub that works only to strip off the dead skin cells. 

To start with, soak your feet in water with a handful of Epsom salt to clean. 

Prepare a scrub of brown sugar, coconut oil, and honey. For additional benefits, you can also add coffee. Mix them well to create a paste. Apply this paste all over the feet and move the fingers in a circular motion. After 7-8 minutes wash your feet off with lukewarm water and don’t forget to moisturize after scrubbing. Either use coconut oil or any moisturizer and leave it overnight. 

Use the scrub once or twice a week and notice the results. You will fall in love with your feet. 

Happy oiling!!! 

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