Are face wipes good for oily skin? 

are face wipes good for oily skin

An oily skincare routine can be challenging. After every hour of washing your face, the oil still doesn’t find itself a way out. You will find your T zone areas oozing with oil. That paired with makeup can make the whole face feel like a real uphill battle. The unwanted shine of an oily face can be embarrassing and irritating. Throughout the day oil develops like sweat after working out. There is something you have to do to strip that mask of sebaceous oil. Luckily we have advanced ourselves with handy options. Those of us with oily skin can get rid of that flaky and greasy feeling with one solution of using face wipes and get that matter to finish for the time we are working out. Face wipes are an extremely easy and free care package while traveling or working out. While there are lots on the internet about facial wipes, are these really helpful or just a misleading product? Is it good to use wipes for oily skin? 

To find out what I have personally used to treat my oily skin and what I actually found is described below. 

Are face wipes good for oily skin? 

Yes, face wipes are the best option to get rid of the excess skin oil. Face wipes that work specifically for oily skin are highly absorbent. These sheets absorb oil, dust, and sweat from the skin, leaving a more fresh and matte complexion. 

Oily skin can occur due to many factors. It can be genetics, lifestyle, aging, and environment. In humid climates, even the normal skin may feel oily than it should be. Face wipes help a lot to save you from the unnecessary hustle of washing your face frequently.

Also, frequently washing your face can make your skin dry and dull. The downside to oily skin is that excess oil production leads to breakouts and clogged pores. Use oil wipes throughout the day to absorb oil and you will notice the difference in just a few seconds the oily shine disappears, giving you a matte finish and your makeup intact. 

How often should you wipe your face?

You know that face wipes contain chemicals. But these oil and acne-fighting sheets can leave your face dry if used very often. In order to get a matte and oil-free look, you should not solely rely on face wipes. Remember that face wipes work for a short time. With prolonged usage it can lead to accelerated dehydration, dry skin, changing the natural pH. However, it is recommended to wipe your face 2-3 times a day. If you are using facial wipes for oily skin, choose ones that are alcohol-free and gentle on the skin. You may need multiple wipes to clean the different areas on the face. So, don’t hesitate in using two to three wipes at a time. 

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Can I use face wipes on my face every day?

are face wipes good for oily skin

Yes, you can use face wipes every day as an alternative to frequently washing your face. Face wipes are great for post-workout sweat, hot days at the beach, or remove the dirt snd sometimes just to cool yourself down. Either way, these thin oil-absorbing sheets are inexpensive to be included in your daily skincare routine. 

Not to be confused with makeup wipes, face wipes for oily skin are meant for different use. The chemical content varies between the two. The ones you’ll want for removing makeup are a lot different than normal face wipes that clean deep down to your pores by extracting the oil. Remember to read the label before making a purchase. 

When should you use face wipes?

When you’re in a pinch or on the go, grab a sheet of face wipe and clean your face. It is quick, easy, and effective. While working out in the gym, when all the sweat and oil collects on the face, and instead of rubbing it with a towel after a few minutes, again and again, can irritate the skin. Use a face wipe after the workout to clean the sweat and oil from the face. Make sure you carry your face wipes when camping or traveling. Hiking, trekking, or camping in hot places often leave your skin greasy, a face wipe is a saver for any time cleaning. Even in your daily work hours or a night out in the town, oily skin tends to get greasy very quickly, so face wipes are your friend to keep your makeup intact and at its best throughout the day. 

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How do you use face wipes on your face?

Now that you know about face wipes and when to use them,  all you are left with is just its correct usage. Follow the simple approach:

  • Grab a thin sheet and gently press the wipes with fingertips on oily parts. Use it to cover all the face. 
  • If you feel the wipe is getting oily, get another wipe to absorb the extra oil. 
  • Continue the process for a few seconds or minutes to get the matte finish. 
  • You can also use a face wipe to touch up makeup or as a makeup remover. 
  • For removing the makeup,  put a few drops of makeup remover solution and move it gently in a circular motion all over the face. 

Can you use face wipes instead of washing my face?

Washing your face is the best option. But you know that overwashing can damage your skin. Both options are effective to remove the excess oil. The wipes are convenient when washing your face seems a little hard. Also when you’ll want the touch-up in just a few seconds, a face wipe works great by simply dabbing the oil with a gentle touch. But in reality, a cleanser with water probably works much better to actually clean an oily face. Wipes work on the outer surface and don’t help with clogged pores. Oily skin demands much more than just wiping and washing regularly. Proper exfoliation and scrubbing clean the pores, remove the sebum, and hydration is required to improve skin health and glow. So any of the methods alone or switching to one instead of the other won’t help with getting rid of oily face.

Is oil cleansing good for acne-prone skin?

Do oil wipes help acne? 

Although oil wipes are excellent oil absorbent and some even with extra benefits of cleansing, they can only be helpful as a primary method. As we say that these work only on the outer layer and cleans the surface. Acne-prone skin is caused due to clogged pores, dead skin cells, bacteria, inflammation, and hormonal changes. There is nothing a face wipe could do to treat all these skin issues. No, oil wipes cannot help with skin acne. 

But its usage will keep your skin free from oil for few hours, this can in turn help with less breakout due to excess oil.

Final thought

In the end, yes face wipes are the best option to deal with oily skin. So even though face wipes do very little to reduce acne, it has its important place in your makeup and gym bag. They are always ready to give you a lady-minute touch-up and banishing midday shine. 

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