30 Blue Ombre Nails Ideas

Do you know the most popular summer shade is not just pink but one more cool hue is blue? Blue is both warm and cool. The color is serene, gentle and soothing, and is associated with cooling elements like water and the soft evening sky. As the sun gets hot, the colors begin to brighten up too.

Blue Ombre Nails

Striking navy blue to baby soft blue has all the real reasons to be worn in summers. Well if you are thinking of making blue a choice, here’s are 30 blue ombre nails ideas that are fun and classic to upgrade your style and personality. 


Baby Blue Matter Ombre

The first and the most popular trend in blue colors is this light extremely light shade. Looks so simple, soft, and cool in hot summers. There is no better way than two natural tones ombre: blue and nude. Finish off with a matte topcoat. 

blue ombre nails

Source: nailcreationsbysam

Blue Ombre and Rhinestones

If you like the touch of stones and gems on nails, then take a look at this! All the nails have a blue ombre effect with base time nude to light blue. The nails shine like sparkle when little stones are added to the cuticles and one of the edges on the tip. 

blue nails with stones

Source: alys.nails_

Bold Blue Ombre with Flowers

If you like bright hues, then these striking blue ombre nails are one for you! Three nails have ombre, the middle nail has long swirls and the ring finger is the highlight with flowers and hearts. This dark blue set is cute and looks amazing on long nails. 

bright blue ombre

Source: angelicnailsbyash

Ocean blue ombre

The one natural shade of blue is ocean blue. It looks so pretty and fresh. Have fun with your nails in ocean blue ombre for short or long nails. You can also add stones or other embellishments to level the nails. 

ocean blue ombre

Source: despoina_koliniati.nails

Blue and White Ombre

Ombre nails can be done in different ways. Here’s a unique way ombre in blue and white. You will see the touch of dark blue shade around the tips and cuticles, rest of the area is blended with white. What a great color mix! 

blue and white ombre nails

Source: karolinaa.b_nails

Pink and blue ombre nails

How about this look? The long stiletto nails start with a bright pink and change to a dark blue hue covering the large part. This is a stylish, bold, and amazing mani with a matte finish. Play with gold or silver foil to make it party-ready. 

pink and blue ombre nails

Source: pauletta.nails

You make like 30 Pink Ombre Nails Ideas


Mint and Blue ombre

Another hue complimenting the blue is mint. The perfect combination for beach vibes, it suits every outfit and occasion. Choose to have your nails done by a professional or achieve this ombre effect at home with a few carefully color mix. 

mint and blue ombre nails

Source: raenailco

Artistic Ombre nails

Do you want to take your ombre to another level? Here’s the design that will make a statement in the room. Use nail tapes to accomplish the top ombre effect. Get inspired with new styles and arts on nails. 

blue ombre nails designs

Source: majorosagnesbrillbird

Light Blue Swirls

Look at the blue swirls on opal crush! This glitter accent with a light blue ombre looks so stunning and elegant. To add a fun and fashionable twist to your delicate ombre effect touch of glitter is the need to complete.  Some more Pink Glitter Nails Ideas for you.

light blue ombre
Source: minniesnails

Cute Blue Ombre Nails

Give your ombre nails a cute twist of tribal art. A minimal design that will still make heads turn. Keep things super sweet by over blue nails. 

cute nails ombre

Source: sadiejnails

Wavy Ombre with Gold Touch

A simple gold stripe touch takes minimal effort but looks incredibly chic. To create waves you need to have a professional hand and focus. The stunning and striking nail art with two contrasting blues is over the top. 

wavy ombre nails

Source: springwithfriends

Cloud Ombre 

One way to style your blue ombre nails is clouded. These are easy to create and look incredibly cool for streetwear. Either way, this is the best option to get your hands the attention they deserve and bring a smile to your face.

cloud nails

Source: lvnailsstudio

Holographic ombre

No matter what, holographic polish is elevating. These medium-size blue ombre nails on the top holographic gradient are ready to rock for a night out on the town. A guaranteed showstopper! 

holographic blue ombre

Source: nuvonails.keeleandwilson

Glittersweet ombre nails

Icy, cool, and perfect!  Glitter is always the way to add shine to dull and boring nails. The crushed confetti sprinkled on a light blue ombre offers an effortless shine and iconic gleam that’s pretty easy to create.

blue glitter ombre

Source:  lifesabeach_nails

Footprint ombre nails

This pink and blue ombre set is made up with a white footprint on the top. Make an impression and showcase your style in a new ombre set. Add some sparkle at the end to dazzle the whole nail design. 

pink and blue ombre

Source: oasisnailsdayspa

Blue Ombre and Gold Daisies

These are perfect for a spring day. Who says you can’t ombre shorter nails? To accomplish these set nails use a nude and bright blue shade. Use a think brush tk print gold and white daisies. 

blue daisies

Source: chameleonglitter

Blue Ocean Ombre

All different shades of blue make a perfect blue ocean. The gorgeous blue starts with a matte blue coat on the thumb and ring fingernail. Paint index finger in ocean blue and middle finger in blue ombre. The highlight of the whole nail art is the little finger. 

blue ombre effect

Source: france_nailz

Blue Ombre and Geometric Nails

Short nails are one level up in blue and white ombre and geometric art on the little finger. To create this line of art make use of nail tapes. A look that fits best for both casual and corporate wear. 

blue ombre nails art

Source: cuteicles_by_prachi

Light Blue and Black Ombre Nails

Blue and black make a nice match. These simple, crisp, and bold nails stand out among normals. You can never go wrong with these glittery top ombre nails. 

blue and black ombre

Dark blue and black

Another variation to the above black and blue ombre nails. This blue hue here is rocking with black. Make sure to sweep a clear or nude gel polish as a base as well as a topcoat.

dark blue and black ombre

Tricolor Vertical ombre

Two pinks and one blue makes a perfect ombre with a nude shade. Look so admiring and elegant, it can be worn any time of the year. One of the creative ombres in this collection. 

tricolor ombre

Source: 5by5nailsalon

Pink and Blue Side Ombre

Looking for blending two pastel shades. Choose a pink and blue style that is so satisfying and natural to our eyes. Bring back new life to your long nails with new colors and designs. 

pink and blue side ombre

Source: vanessa_0_

Red and Blue ombre 

Are you ready for the end game? If you have mastered nail art, try a new art. This matte and gloss dark blue and dark red are the colors of Avengers. You can be creative with these two choices each finger a unique style. Copy the look to express your favorite character! 

red and blue ombre

Yellow and Blue ombre tips

The colors for summers are here. Vertical ombre french tips with dots make an amazing and popping color combo on the hot beach day. Easy, cute, and expressing. This nail art won’t take more than 10 minutes to do. Some bold Black French Tips ideas.

blue and yellow ombre tips

Source: jennyboylan_nailartist

Tricolor Ombre

One way to embrace your natural blue set is to make a tricolor ombre. Blue, green, and yellow ombre look fantastic and more appealing. Try your hand a little net art in the middle finger and a gold glitter top coat on the ring fingernail. 

triclor ombre nails

French tip ombre

If you want to keep things light and sophisticated, there’s no better than a classic French mani. Vertical French ombre tips are created and finished with a thin streak of gold. The softness of the two shades is truly 

french tips ombre

Source: nailsbydaina_x

Blue ombre nails

Ocean and dark blue are a cute look that is a recent trend in style. All you need is two polishes and a sponge to create this effortless nail ombre. 

ombre nails

Source: ldlb_nailsandlashe

Green and Ocean Blue ombre

So pretty and vibrant these two color mixes. A simple ombre takes minimal effort but looks incredibly chic. Just to add more shine, dazzle with blue foil or flakes at the end. 

green and blue ombre

Source: nikoles_nails

Purple and blue ombre

Let’s add one more color with blue. Is it resemble like a dreamy night. This is one of the simplest and best looks to create in the comfort of your home. Use a white brush to draw little stars in your nails. 

purple and blue

Source: dienageltante.at

Blue Cool flames

Cool flames on a hot day! How about this inspiration for summer nails. All you need is a thin detailing brush to create flames. Top it with clear polish to up the oomph.

blue summer ombre
Source: kickashnails


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