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Pink Marble Nail Designs

Pink Marble Nail Designs

Pink marble Nail designs: Designing nails is always an interesting thing, be it a sparkle one or some Glittery shiny nail art. To move up marble is unique creativity that gives the art a new look or meaning. It adds more interest to the basic and classic nail designs.  Are you also looking for interesting …

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Louis Vuitton nail designs

Louis Vuitton nail designs

Louis Vuitton nail designs: The trend of painting nails is changing so fast and the rage for luxury prints is the latest. the quickest that comes to our minds is Louis Vuitton, and if you are a fan of luxury then don’t hesitate to add a bit of vintage-inspired sophistication and detail to your nails. …

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Yellow and Blue Nail Designs

Yellow and blue nails designs

Yellow and blue nail designs: Bright colors like yellow are always the mood boosters, it gets even better when combined with blue. Matching yellow and blue is a no-brainer as they are at opposite quadrants on the color wheel, meaning they are generally complementary. You just need it to get it right, like a bright …

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Summer ombre nails

Summer Ombre nails

Summer ombre nails: The moment we think of summers, our mind quickly wonders about beach days and beachside barbecues. The colors for summer are highly bright and vibrant as the Sun on our heads. All the colors in the environment make their way to our nails. Bright yellow beams of light, green leaves full of life, …

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White Glitter nails

White Glitter Nails

White Glitter nails: Crisp white nails are always a classic choice. You can never go wrong with white clothing and nails.  White is one of the year-round staples and one of the most versatile shades out there. On top of it, a coat of glitter on your beautifully white painted nails can add charm and …

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Blue and Green Nail Designs

Blue and Green Nail Designs

Blue and Green Nail Designs: There’s a lot of news on whether blue and green should be paired together. Ideally, the traditional rules of fashion say that it shouldn't. But hey, one thing we cannot deny is that the world of fashion is all about breaking rules. After all, rules put limits to our creativity …

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Dark Brown Nail Designs

Dark Brown Nail Designs

Dark Brown Nail Designs: Brown color is always the highlight of the season. Get yourself updated with the latest dark brown nails designs. The brown nail art with different combinations of diamonds swirls artsy and of course the various nails sizes. The dynamic and real color that makes us get into contact with reality, is …

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Indie nail designs

Indie nail designs

Indie nail Designs: Indie nail art is a unique kind of nail style. What separates it from all other nail arts, is that it is really about standing out than just painting your nails. In short, the mix of bright colors gives 90s vintage vibes to your hands. It is difficult to bind Indie Nail …

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Black and Blue Nails

black and blue nail designs

Black and blue nail designs: You may first hesitate a bit trying these dark hues. Let me tell you that black and blue work so well together because both are classic and sophisticated colors. far from being boring and drab, they can actually create a fun and powerful style.  Ultimately, the subtle differences between the …

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Light blue nail designs

Light Blue nail Designs

Light blue nail designs: Light Blue or baby blue is a peaceful and calming color. Like pink, it doesn’t need any particular time to wear. Yes, it goes best in summers as well as in winters. What makes light blue so versatile is the sense of tranquility and reliability. It is also said to promote …

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