50 Cute Christmas Nails Design

Christmas holidays are high spirit events of the whole year. It is the season to add sparkle and festivity to your holiday routine. 

There’s no better time than this to get your renew your old nails. Whether you are into the Santa design, or snowflakes, sparkles, or the most popular red and white combined art, here are the endless cute Christmas nails ideas to choose from. 


Red Christmas French Tips


cute red christmas nails

Source: nails_magaziine


Red and white is the Christmas theme and nothing feels more festive than red tips. To accomplish this nail cute Christmas nail, paint one nail entirely red and others with red glitter French tips. To create the holiday vibe, decorate with stickers of a snowman or do something of your own. 


Green Christmas Tree

Green cute Christmas nails

Source: nails_magaziine

Here’s a wonderful and most vibing Christmas nail design.  These little green trees are so cute and chic and make up the whole holiday look. Just try counting the comments you’ll get on this adorable design. 


Warm Brown and white


Brown Cute Christmas Nails

Source: nails_magaziine

Who said Christmas colors have to be always red and green! These cute Christmas nails have a unique shine and warmth of brown shades. Just go a little snowy and icy with white nail art. It’s ideal for anyone who loves a less bright way to celebrate. 


The Green Brown Strips


Source: nails_magaziine

Source: nails_magaziine

If you love your nails not too fancy and bright, you would love this nail art. If you’re not really one to channel Santa into your manicures, consider this super simple, super chic nail art. 


Icy Christmas Nail Art


icy christmas nails

Source: nogti_krasota1

Go ahead and get a little icy and cold with your nails this season! This nail art is pretty easy to accomplish with snowflakes stickers near you. It’s equally festive and feminine. 


Pretty Peach Christmas Nails


pretty peach Christmas Nails

Source: pb_nails_poland

If your want clean, elegant, and chic nails, you would never go wrong with the peachy-pink combo. A hint of gold foil and hand-drawn white leaves art takes the simple nude look to next level. 


Assorted Christmas nail art


Cute Nail Art for Christmas

Source: ideas_for_nailart

When you can’t decide between one nail art, then play with everything you have. This all matte nail art can be created easily with some thoughtful color choices in your collection. A touch of gold foil adds to the festive spirit of Christmas. 


Ever Green & White Chevron Art


White and green Christmas nails


Source: ideas_for_nailart

A classic chevron manicure goes with everything and every time of the year. These half white and half green shades look just as beautiful and cute in traditional Christmas colors. You can even highlight it with gold glitter to fit the holiday celebrations. 


Royal Blue Nail Art


Cute Christmas nails

Source: ideas_for_nailart


With dark royal colors, you can opt for nail art with simplicity and send a message of holiday spirit. In this stunning set by nail art, the blue base is given a seasonal touch with a gold accent. To really emphasize more add stones and glitter. 


Christmas Stars Nail art


Stars Christmas Nails

Source: ideas_for_nailart

Modern and chic, this nail art has everything to impress with its color combos. The beauty of purple with a neutral shade and the little shining stars embellished upon feels as Christmassy as the old red and white. 


Pink Geometry


Pink Christmas Nails

Source: aglorynowicz

This creative look is best for short and long square nails. There’s no such thing as too much bright in the festive season! Wear proudly this stylish and even mix of pink and white for Christmas. 


Abstract French tips


Cyan french tips

Source: blondivika_nsk

Again, you don’t need to stick with traditional nail art in the holiday season. Just pick up this bright cyan French nail look, and wear them all month long. But to recreate this nail art, you will need to put in a lot of effort and time to get them done. 


Nude Gold Christmas nails


cute christmas nails gold

Source: chillax_nails

Give an instant boost to the good old nude with a golden touch. Paint one nail with a nude base, coat the tiny fingers with gold, and embrace the ring finger with a nude gold ombre. Finally, dazzle the nails with a beautiful leaf imprint on the middle finger. 


Christmas Matte Nails


matte nails for Christmas

Source: ideas_for_nailart

If you love a sleek and simple look, this nail art is the right for you. Combining all the warm colors of fall, it is the perfect look that can be worn even at Christmas. Just paint all the five nails in different shades, mark a black line and add a stone to match the party time. 


Polka Dots Christmas nails


white nails for christmas

Source: chillax_nails


For once you will feel all white to be boring on Christmas. But with these easy cute Christmas nails you can dazzle the world easily. Just paint all your nails white, create the polka dots, or use black foil to draw the black art. Add the eye-stopping gold touch to level up the whole look. 


Pink Punk Cristmas Nails


christmas nails ideas

Source: merlin_nails

Another shade that looks super-cute and fresh: pink, of course. This pretty manicure is for pretty ladies for any time of the year. Dress it up for a holiday party by adding the lights of glitter on the ring finger.


Abstract Green Strips


green Christmas nails

Source: ideas_for_nailart

The art speaks so much in this design. These green and white stripes are subtly thematic for Christmas. Truly the unique nail color for the end of the season. 


Classic Nude Christmas Nails


Classic Nails for Christmas

Source: elina.nails.art

If you are a  fan of neutral and elegant shades, a classic and bold nude is the easiest and safest way to go. Paint all your nails entirely with a matte nude base and to highlight it for a part, add some stickers or stones,  and you are ready! It’s so easy and quick. 


Silver Blue Strips


Silver Blue Christmas nails

Source: monika__nails


Here’s a unique way to celebrate Christmas. Royal Blue and silver combo makes the perfect holiday vibe. The two accent nails are shining bright, one covered in deep blue and the shiny ring finger is absolutely stunning.


Baby Pink Christmas Nails


Christmas Nails Ideas pink

Source: monika__nails

I love these cute and neat pink nails for Christmas. A pink base with leaf art is topped with silver foil can be worn for the whole season. It’s all party-ready! 


Purple Christmas Nail Art


purple Christmas Nails


If you want to make sure your hands get noticed, give this look a try. The light purple mixed pattern with stars, teddy, and plaid accents are nearly impossible to miss this holiday season.


Christmas Mood Nails


christmas mood nails ideas


Red is hands-down the color for Christmas. A classic red manicure will always set up the Christmas mood. You can have so much fun with your nail art. Paint reindeer, hearts, Santa, trees and achieve the whole festive look. 


Glitter nails

glitter nails for christmas


Source: molly_lac

When you can’t make up your mind between colors, it’s better to go with bold nude. These clear and chic nails make the perfect look for the party. The best part is you can them with all outfits. 


White Ombre Snowflakes


white ombre christmas nails

Source: amandasudol

How pretty is this? If you love a basic white manicure but want to make it more fun for the holidays, just create it in an ombre finish. Decorated with snowflakes for a cool and icy Christmas ahead. 


Red waves 


red waves christmas nails

Source: nail.art.by.tea

Crisp and clean design with various shades of red. This nail art is something that won’t take much of your and money. A clear base and some red palette to make some beautiful statements this season! 


Green Pallete Nails


Green pallete Nails

Source: nailsbyharriet_

Create a beautiful Christmas match in three shades. A little brisk of gold really stand out in these simple swirls. Go ahead for cute Christmas nails set this season! 


Mixed color Christmas Nails


Cute Chtristmas nails Ideas

Source: magnificientnails

These gorgeous abstract nails are both cute and chic for Christmas. Take this festive season to the pros, and feel free to customize your nails with all you have. 


Purple cloud


Purple nails for christmas

Source: magnificientnails

How about you turn your nails into a cloudy day? With just a little effort and a few nail polish bottles, you can make these cute Christmas nails in a few minutes. Just paint your nails in a light purple base, then take a small fluffy brush and lightly dab on cloud shapes. Add tiny gold accents in the moon and stars to match the festive vibe.


Blood Red


red christmas nails

Source: lara.sima.nails.studio

One of the easiest nail designs that match the Christmas vibe is all-red look. A bright and high-energy red makes it even more special. You can also play with some golf art, otherwise, the plain red has it all. 


Cool Blue Swirls


Blue Swirls for Christmas

Source: fasia.nails

The minimal design will always make head turns in every season. The complex it looks, but it is very easy to create on your own. The best ever tool is a toothpick. Use it to draw patterns on the nude nail. 


Color Blocking French Mani


yellow nail for chritmas

Source: chellys_nails

Ok, so this one idea isn’t necessarily something you would go for when you consider cute Christmas nails, but we have it on the list and it’s a pretty cool alternative to the traditional color themes. 


White Flowers 


Cute White christmas nails

Source: somethingbout_nail

Sometimes you want to keep things simple and easy, so how about this cute white French mani and flowers and smiles? It’s a lovely design that needs very less time to accomplish. 


Classic Cyan Ombre


short Nails for christmas

Source: somethingbout_nail

If you want to dress up chic in a subtle way, try this cyan ombre nail art that is incredibly soft and holds very peaceful vibes that of the snow. Perfect nail art for the first festive snowfall. 


Gradient Leopard print


leopard nails for christmas

Source: somethingbout_nail

If you love the animal print, here’s the right way to wear it on Christmas. Paint some of your nails in black French tips, apply a gradient base on others and then highlight with black leopard print. This is one of those designs that go with everything. 


Smokey Lime


cute christmas nails art

Source: nail_sunny

Switch things up from basic red and green. Try this pretty nail set to elevate the look. For a totally electrifying look on Christmas, that’s low maintenance!



Winter Wonderland


cute christmas nails

Source: polished_yogi

The perfect and one of the cutest Christmas nails set is here. It’s all snow and Christmas trees, this is the best way to express festive love. You can even choose your desired base or opt for clear as this one and create whatever you want. 



Colorful Frenchies


french tips for christmas

Source: nails.by.zo_

One of the coolest French tips ever. Inspired by Christmas colors, you would never go wrong with this trendy nail art for the holiday season. 



Universally Gold 


classic christmas nails

Source: noellefuyunails

If your taste includes shine, confidence, and luxury, give this nail a try. The golden French tips, hand-drawn gifts, and leaves reflect the light of the day in the dark. The accent of snowflakes adds a wonderful winter vibe. 



Christmas Tree Frenchies


christmas tree nails

Source: isabelmaynails

Ever thought of Frenchies with trees, well everything can be created if you have the idea. Get the proper festive vibes in the super cute Christmas nails. 



Mismatched Christmas Nails


Christmas nails stickers

Source: nailartbyamyblair

Can’t decide on one Christmas design? Why not play around with a different one on each nail. You can also recreate this design using the stamping technique and get the job done in a few minutes. 



White Christmas Nails


Christmas nails designs

Source: nailartbyamyblair

White is insanely beautiful nail color. And black stars and trees have finally shown up an easy way to turn classic white into cute Christmas nails. All I can about this design is simply lovely! 



Blue Ombre Stripes


blue nails for christmas

Source: mani.tees

Another set of ombre nails in glitter touch. This design looks perfect for the holiday, for the night out, and any time you feel like having a dash of sparkle in your life. Not so easy to create by yourself. Book your nail artist prior to Christmas Eve. 



Black and White Strips


black christmas nails

Source: staver.alina.nails

Here’s something new among these cute Christmas nails, a classic black and white combo. Its unique strips look simple snd easy to create too. The best part of this design it can be worn any time of the year. 



Glittery Pink French tips


glitter pink nails

Source: staver.alina.nails

Ready to rock the part? The pink French is as fun to do as you expect. Choose the right shade, dip a brush into the polish and create the standard French tips. To level up the nail art add the twist of Chevron on one nail. 



Chevron Tips


Chevron Christmas nails

Source: staver.alina.nails

When nothing seems to please you, chevron tips are the ideals. It’s a pretty cool idea, right? Match up with all your outfits in the holiday season. 



Red and White Gemstone nails


red christmas nails gems

Source: staver.alina.nails

If you’re looking to take a red manicure to the next level this Christmas, try out this absolutely stunning white base especially with all the gemstones added on the top. 



Cute Reindeer Herd


reindeer christmas nails

Source: nailsbylouiseg

Look at these cute Christmas nails! These Reindeers have all the fun and excitement calling for Christmas. So let’s embrace the nail art with cute fun characters this season! 



Holiday mix and match


Christmas nail designs trees

Source: tessa.lyn.nails

Top off your Christmas look with this easy mix and match nail art. Dress up in a Christmas mood and not one, but design in multiple ways. My favorite is a tree and what’s yours? 



Mistletoe Christmas Nails


Christmas nail art

Source: bio_sculpture_sa

Gold French tips, Christmas-mistletoe shrubs look sleek and subtle. With a thin brush, you can try this at home — just be sure to give time for each wave to dry before moving on to the next one.


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Marvelous marble


Marble nails for christmas

Source: staver.alina.nails

Another fresh and new approach to get into the festival vibe is the old and classic marble nail art. This intricate design is totally professional and artistic. 



Santa Claus Nail Art


Christmas nail art red

Source: jesnail

Nothing says Christmas quite like Santa Claus. A red nail with a white line art going along vertical, and the gloves gives you the perfect Christmas feel. 

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