Does White Nail Polish Turn Yellow

white nail polish turns yellow

White nail polish is one color that fits right in our collection. It’s never getting boring with white nail polish on a hot summer day and even in the coldest time of year. White Christmas nails with red and blue have been on the hype all year around. Other than this white is classy, elegant, and sophisticated for all skin tones. 

Being soft and clear, white as we all know becomes dirty or yellow easily. In just a couple of days, it appears like white nail polish is changing its color. Here’s what this article is about describing what makes white nail polish turn yellow and some ways to fix it up. Continue reading till last. 


Does white nail polish turn yellow?


Yes, it is highly possible that white nail polish turns yellow over a period of time. There can be a few reasons that can explain the changing color of white nail polish to yellow. These common habits and exposure to outside factors generally react with white color and affect it. Let’s see what are these factors:


Nail polish Quality

The quality of nail polish really affects how much time it can retain pure white. Poor quality nail polish might turn yellow after a few days and can also peel off quickly. If you use white nail polish more often than any other color, it’s better to invest in a good quality nail polish like CND Vinylux in Studio White that stays for long and retains its white color as it is. 


Nail polish too old

If your nail polish is stored for too long it can change its color while kept in the bottle. It’s hard to find the real cause, oxidation could be heard the reason. Most people don’t realize this, but it has a large effect when you apply it to your nails. 


Reaction with chemicals

Working with day-to-day chores or indulging in cleaning tasks require the use of some chemicals that may react with your white nail polish and can turn it yellow. Even some skincare products and sanitizer have reacting agents when used will cause your white polish discoloration. 


UV light Exposure

Another most popular trend in the nail industry is to dry acrylic gel nails and gel nail polish using a UV light has become a common practice. However, there are questions arising every day about its usage on hands. But that’s a different part, exposure to UV radiation for a long time can turn your white nail polish to brown. 


Tanning lotions

I know we all the brown tone and make every effort to achieve the tan glow. But using these lotions in excess can lead to discoloration of your white nail polish. 


Kitchen spices and foods

Sometimes it could be what you are eating that’s staining your white nail polish. Foods that are rich in turmeric content and some spices are so strong to react with white nail polish. 



People who smoke a lot not only turn their nails yellow but also the nail polish could have an impact. I have heard from many nail experts talking about their client’s yellow nails. Even after getting their manicure and acrylic, some have experienced a little yellow color. The nicotine from the smoke can stain your nails yellow over time. 


Topcoat contaminated


A very rare case but holds a possibility. The ready why does white nail polish turns yellow is that you might have contaminated your topcoat with another color. We might not notice at times our topcoat because it is clear but the color of your previous nail polish could have mixed with it. It’s just a matter of careful application only. Next time check before you use it. 


Does white nail polish turn yellow in chlorine?


According to nails magazine that says nail polish is made water repellant and non-porous and nothing gets inside it that affects the color of polish. So there are no chances you could turn your white nail polish yellow in chlorine. But yes, that applies if you are using high-quality white nail polish. Poor quality nail polish is easily chipped and peeled off with water. In that case, chlorine could also have an impact on the color of the polish. 


How to keep white nail polish from turning yellow


Preventing white nail polish from turning yellow is not possible completely as it depends on the nail polish quality and above that your habits and care. But there exist sone ways in which you can protect your white nail polish. 


Gel nail polish is the best alternative

Gel nail polishes are one of the best because they are most versatile and have a long lifetime and added quality.  


Wear gloves

When doing your dishes or cooking, use gloves to protect your nails and nail polish from discoloration. It’s the best way to adopt some healthy habits to take care of your hands. 


Limit the sun exposure

Sun is a source of direct UV radiation and as we have it can affect your nail polish. Take breaks from the sun and find a nice shady spot to protect your skin and nails. 


Protect with regular topcoats

Are you using a topcoat? If not you should start from now. Topcoat begins to fade more quickly with soaps, detergents, or sanitizer. This is why it is important to apply it regularly in 3-4 days to prevent your white nail polish from turning yellow. 

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How do I get my nail polish white again?


The discoloration is a natural process and eliminating it completely is not possible but a few stains that are temporary on your white nails can be removed with basic and easy home DIY tips. 


Rubbing alcohol

Gel nails or acrylic can be cleaned well-using alcohol. So in order to remove yellow stains try rubbing alcohol. Rubbing alcohol will do an effective job of removing certain stains from food or some dirt. The white nail can be retained using this simple technique. 


Nail polish remover

It’s pretty much the same as rubbing alcohol. Here you change it with basic nail remover. It works to remove any stains or wipe off any dirt on your nails. 



Just as you brush your teeth to clean and whiten them. The same way do it with your nails. Take a brush and a regular toothpaste and brush your white polish nails. The handiest and easy way to get white nails again. 


Lemon and Baking soda

Coming to home remedies there are endless. The one most sorted out is with lemon and baking soda. The acidic lemon and basic baking soda react together to lift up any stain or dirt on your nails. To apply it first make a paste with one part lemon and 3 parts baking soda mix well. Scrub your nails using this paste with a soft hand. Wash your nails with water. 


White nail polish that doesn’t turn yellow

Some of my recommendations that I have tried myself for years. I can say that these are just the best choices until now. 


Deborah Lipmann Gel Lab Pro in Amazing Grace

The best glossy nail polish that’s pure white and classic. Couldn’t find anything better than this at-home gel formula saving money and time in a nail salon. Its makers confirm that the ingredients infused like biotin, omega fatty acids, and others prevent nail damage create a barrier from the sun. Above all, I really don’t like its drying time. It takes about 8-10 minutes and even more sometimes to dry. 


OPI Nail Lacquer in Alpine Snow

Another one I can count is from the most popular nail polish brand OPI. The finish is really amazing and looks clean and crisp. It merely feels like having a gel mani. Nail polish that is good in quality often takes much time to dry. And so is this. 15 minutes is too much time. 


CND Vinylux in Studio White

Nail polish that lasts long and retains its white. This is one of my favorite of all. It’s not whole white, call it semi-opaque that lasts up to 7 days or more. It has some good nutrients packed like Jojoba oil,  keratin, vitamin E to keep that glossy shine maintained. 

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