Emma chamberlain Beauty Secret

Emma chamberlain beauty secrets

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Emma Chamberlain is a popular name in the world of YouTube. She was 15 when started her personal documenting on YouTube through her personal channel. Within three years of time, that channel crossed about eight million subscribers getting her one of the biggest hits of life. Later on, she expanded herself on other social media platforms as well. Her career reached a peak in just a blink of an eye. After that, she launched a podcast, created her own coffee company known as Chamberlain coffee. Besides her massive following for fast food, daily laughter she is much loved for her expressive style and fashion sense. Emma is open about discussing her mental and physical health which many loved to hear because it relates with most of us. When it comes to her skincare, there’s a lot of buzz about what makeup and skin products she uses every day. Talking to one of the magazines she revealed her beauty secrets. Here is a complete beauty routine along with some affordable products that helped the 20-year-old fight some of the puberty changes that could make her face irritated. 

Emma Chamberlain body feature

Skin Color: Fair

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Blue

Face: Oval-shaped


Emma Chamberlain Beauty Secrets


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Emma recently opened about her struggle with acne. She was stressed out with continuing cystic acne, breakouts, and excessive dryness. She said, “My skin used to react badly to virtually any product I put on it. It was a hormonal thing and kind of out of my control. No products could fix it, so that was very frustrating. But now it’s done.” Her focus was to limit blemishes and get clear and healthy skin. Keeping in mind her skin condition, Emma took advice from friends and dermatologists and finally ended with some best. Want to find out! Let’s get started with routine. 


Morning skincare routine

  • Face wash

Normally Emma’s day starts with a gentle face wash just water. She keeps it minimal by not using any of the products at the beginning. 

  • Face Mask

Right after washing the face, Emma put on a  Bad Habit Silent Mode Hydrating Hyaluronic Mask, which according is the best for hydrating and prevent dryness. She uses this mask 3-4 times a week whenever her skin feels dry, gross, and irritated. She also mentioned Accutane medication for a few months in the past and this mask really helped her in that time to combat irritation. So she continued with the product. 

  • Serum

Emma’s love for serum is like going crazy. There’s a long list of serums that Emma uses on her face. Each serum has a purpose. To begin with, she applies an iUNIK Black Snail Restore Serum Repair Ampoule, which works to prevent wrinkles and fine lines that appear on the face. Well, I too cannot begin without having a serum. A serum is an essential step in skincare. After applying one of the serums, Chamberlain use an iUNIK Tea tree Relief Natural Facial Serum to treat pimples. This was something she had been taught when she was young. Her father usually advised her to put on tea tree oil and get rid of pimples. Next, she put on Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% serum. Three serums at one go would make sense for her because she was dealing with acne and dry skin. So the more the is hydration the better. 

  • Facial oil

This is one of the favorite products of Chamberlain. The Bad Habit Dewd Hemp Nourishing Facial Oil she believes is lightweight and perfect for her dry skin as it can moisturize without clogging your pores. The reason Chamberlain loved it most is that it brings back life to her dry and dull morning face. 

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  • Sunscreen

Lastly, she applies sunscreen. There is no way that sunscreen could be skipped. It’s more essential to wear it today than it was earlier. Being a teenager, Emma states that it is the best time she could include one to prevent further skin issues due to sunburn. She mentioned Elta MD UV Clear Facial Sunscreen Broad-Spectrum SPF 46. This product is getting popular among many celebrities. Addison Rae, Madelyn Cline are a few names that have revealed this sunscreen while opening up their beauty secrets. 

  • Lip Balm

Emma finishes her morning skincare by applying a lip balm. It is so important to remember lips, as they are the most visible part. In order to get soft, plumpy, and pink lips Emma uses Kosas lip fuel active lip balm. Did you know that she never skips a lip balm? Even if she could, she rushes to her friends to borrow for the need. That much she is crazy about her lip care routine. 

Makeup routine


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After following her regular beauty process, the time next is to get ready for a day out. Her makeup approach is clear and straight like her skincare. 

  • Foundation

Emma is fond of super light makeup. Being a YouTuber her daily makeup can stress out easily. So she believes in maintaining a thin base that doesn’t shine her face too much in her YouTube videos. She uses a kosas tinted oil foundation that is very soft and smooth. Moreover, it suits best for her after getting her Acutane medication. 

  • Concealer

No wonder that working for hours in front of light and camera leads to dark under eyes. Emma is born with under eyes. She uses  Kosas Concealer (Revolve) to cover up any blemishes and even that brightens her under eyes. She prefers light colors because natural colors make her look in her age than others that look overaged. 

  • Powder

There is actually no need of using a face powered but Emma thought it could be effective to creasing.  She applies with a  soft hand all over the face just to touch up at the last minute.

  • Bronzer

Next Chamberlain applies is a Marc Jacobs Bronzer for more definition and evenness. A bronzer completes the desire of having brown skin. Emma likes tanned skin, so she fake a little with a bronzer. 

  • Highlighter

The time is to highlight the cheeks and according to Emma Less is more. She uses Becca cosmetics skin shimmer and applies it evenly on her cheeks and a little around her eyes. 

  • Eyebrows

For the brows, Emma uses the Maybelline Great Lash Brow Gel and Benefit cosmetic Gimme Brow gel to shape her eyebrows. The effect of using the gel as she explained, keeps them fluffy and in the place for longer times. There is very little about Emma decorating her eyes. She goes simple with her blue eyes by applying regular eyeliner and  Byredo space black mascara. 

  • Lip gloss

For her lips, she uses the Buxom Fullon Plumping Lip gloss because it makes her lips look plump and full. With this, she ends up doing her makeup. The process in which she ends often changes as she likes to go in her own way. Lastly, she would apply blush and dry shampoo and that’s it. 


Nighttime skincare routine


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Well, we dig deep to know what actually Emma Chamberlain follows up for her skin at night. But we couldn’t come up with her own words. There’s a long list of skincare products she revealed in one of her YouTube videos with Hyram. She shared some of the best and most used products on her face. Linking all those can get you to her beauty regimen. 

  • Makeup wipes

Although Emma goes for a deep face cleansing before going to bed. But there are times when she is out or in an emergency, she considers Simple Micellar Makeup Remover Wipes to clean up all her makeup. 

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  • Cleansers

Emma is very serious about her face cleansing. Her next product is PURITO From Green Cleansing Oil.  Emma says of the other cleanser, which she follows, the one Youth To The People Kale Superfood Cleanser. She alternates with a CeraVe Hydrating Facial Cleanser, which she uses in the shower. The last one is my personal favorite.

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  • Serum

Emma is a big fan of serums. Her serum is quite impressive and important because she has faced cystic acne and doesn’t want to hit it back on her face. Emma’s first pick of Bliss Clear Genius Clarifying Overnight Liquid Peel and the other The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%, she said it helps with her redness and irritation. 

  • Lip mask

At the end of her video with her skincare expert Hyram, she revealed about using a LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask to prevent drying off lips. Hyram was quite impressed with Emma and suggested some quality products that she can add to her beauty regimen.

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