50 French Tip Nail Designs For Short Nails

Long nail art has always been fun and interesting, well most of us usually have short nails. You might think the option would slow down for short nails, but if you’re super talented you can experiment with a variety of nail designs as long. 

French tip nail nails are the classic and modern art that goes for all nail shapes and sizes. What started with just painting the tip in white gradually transitioned to more shades and artistic stripes that have become a whole new trend. 

Many of these styles can be done at your home with tools that you already have and colors that are already in your collection. Just make sure you have the Scotch tape and Q-tips handy, for easier cleanup. 

Think unique nails with these 50 French tip nail designs short and beautiful nails. 


Colorful French tips


colorful french tips for short nails

Source: angiesnailboutique

Short nails can be stylish too! This nail is as colorful as spring flowers. Just choose some nice shades from your collection and fill the tips of your nails. Easy and elegant it is. 


Red Fancy Tips


red french tips for short nails

Source: carlos_nails

Just go fancy with bright and neutral shades that are equal part edgy and elegant. The simplicity makes it easy to create in the comfort of your own home with little effort, but it is also the perfect look for various occasions, from casual to formal.


Radiant Chevron tips


chevron tips for short nails

Source: violetgleam_

Opting for arty and vibrant nails, doing it with all colors is a wonderful way to express your creativity. Highlight more the v tips or chevron nail art using glitter line. 



Glittery French Tips 


glitter tips for short nails
Source: essence_nail_spa

Glam up your short nails with glitter French tips. Instead of the whole glitter, add a sassy underline with a streak of black. It is the easiest and effortless way to make a statement. 


Smiling Green Tips


green french tips nails designs

Source: illustrated_nails

Sprinkle a cute, sweet assortment of smiley with your classic green French mani. You can even play with more colors here. Try the same in Royal Blue or purple. 


Funky French tips


funky french tips

Source: hectorcamar

Even your nails are not that long, this design will definitely fit your size. A cool and interesting set of French nail art that will inspire you for this summer. 


Color Block French Mani


color block french tips

Source: youngnailsinc

Well, this French mani uses two contrasting black and yellow shades. Take your standard French mani to the next level in this striking nail art. 


Cyan French tips


french tips nails designs short

Source: mynailartboutique

Take your short nails out of the world with this cyan short nail design. The trend for summer is here. All you need is one shade in a dark tone. Add white polish to lighten up the shade. 


Cowgirl Frenchies


cow print french tips
Source: specialistbeautysalon

Short girls can still be super cute. Love this fresh pastel shade and twist of cow print French and reverse French tip on two fingers.


Purple French tips and Stars


purple french tips
Source: gitas_nail

This subtle update to the classic french manicure with stars brightens up whole purple Frenchies. These reverse French in stars are the perfect nail design for a party. 


Plaid and Daisy French tips


french tips nails

Source: kingston.nails

Beautiful tip designs for short nails. An eternal springtime design, alternate plaid, and red daisy are not so easy to do. A steady hand and focus will accomplish this nail art. 


White Tips with Pearl Accent


white nails and pearls


Give your short nails some love with white pearls. This look is truly feminine and aesthetic. Add tiny gold accents or coat with a glitter topcoat for extra shine. 


Artistic French Manicure


artistic french tips
Source: cuteycles.nails.by.emily

And this French mani is trending in 2022 and is still the oldest and unique way to wear. The black, white, and red art are easy to create. 


Classic White French tips


classic white tips
Source: clw_nailartist

Recreate your short nails to look classic and chic is these white French tips. Give a twist of gold glitter to upgrade your luxe look. 


Blue Diagonal Tips


black french tips

Source: amberandstonebeauty

Clean, fresh, and super elegant! This nail art is the real classic. Give your short nails a crisp and clean look of diagonal tips.


Christmas Side Tips Art


green side tips for short nails

Source: nailsdnt

 Spread some Christmas spirit with a green glitter abstract look. Simple, shiny, and minimal design perfect for the holiday season. You don’t need to be professional to create this mani. 


White Tips 


white tips short nails

One of the easiest designs you can do is half and half look. A surprising way to wear short nails that looks even more special. Pain one side of your nail with white glossy polish and leave the rest. Finish off with a top coat to make it even. 


Blue And White Tips


blue and white tips

Source: fabbulousnails

These short square nails with blue and white French tips make it look instantly stable and serene. Dazzle the white tip with blue stones.


Candy cane Frenchies


candy cane french tips

Source: nailitmedia

Oh, these red and white candy tips are so cute among all. To accomplish this look create the white tips and extend it over to the cuticle, use red glossy or glitter polish and make small cuts on the white base. Apply a good quality topcoat to layer the whole design. 


Red Tips with Heart


red and gold tips

Source: iramshelton

Whether it’s Valentine’s Day or not, these red tips look prettiest on every nail type. A small heart on one finger completely upgrades the whole look. 


Monochrome French tips


monochrome french tips

Source: raelondonnails

Switch things up from regular French manicures like these sleek black and white tips. A minimal design that will still make the head turn. You can also add glitter, stones or more colors. 

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Blue Shore French Tips


blue french tips nails short

Source: iramshelton

As the weather gets hotter it’s a perfect excuse to dip in cool tones. How about these blue stripes and Frenchies? It makes a perfect holiday package with simplicity at its base. 

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White and Glitter Chevron

white and gold chevron

Source: _gelsbyemma

Let’s style our short nails for the part! What’s better than a classic white and glitter mix. This combo will outshine the rest in the room. 


French Tips and Swirls


french tips and swirls

Source: nails.by.thais

Put some authenticity to the standard French manicure. Creating swirls and tips is the best way to express your creativity and eye-catching mani. 


Pastel French Tips


pastel french tips

Source: pineapplegelnailss

If you love pastels, these nail designs are for you. The color you choose will correspond to your choice, so if you love purple, opt for an aqua combo look. 


Autumny Swirl tips


autumn swirly tips

Source: manisbyannie

For a totally electrifying look, try out this autumn-themed look. All you need are dark shades of pink, brown, orange, glitter, and a couple of thin brushes to get swirly tips. 

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Stars and Tips


purple french tips nail designs short

Dource: naileditbyliv

No matter what your nail size is, you can still make it stand up with your creativity and imagination. Love these purple dreamy short nail tips for the holiday season. 


Tortoise French


animal print nail art

Source: thebeauty_shed

Here’s to perfectly match the animal print. These short nails with tortoise chevron tips with a twist of cute little hearts at the cuticle is gorgeous. If you find it hard to make the pattern, you can purchase stickers that are designed with the exact thing. 


Red Daisy Tips


red daisy tips

Source: iilustrated_nails

The easiest way to add some sweetness into your life is with red nail tips. Red is such a loving hue that fits any time of the year. To recreate for summer spring, these small daisies make it look more feminine and fresh. 


Festive Frenchies


festive french tips nail design

Can’t decide on one color, why not paint every nail in a different shade. You get to play with tins of colors with multi-color art. The best part is it easy and fits all. Perfect nail art for the holiday season. 


Polka Dots Mani


polka dots french tips

Source: nailsbysarahmarie

Toughen-up the French Mani with more and more twists. How about these white tips and black dots. Looks easier? Yes. And the half white and half nude with a red heart makes it over the top look. 


Pretty pink tips


pink French tips short

Source: nailartbysofia_

These hot pink French tips nail designs for short nails is one the best way to embrace your beautiful hands. Look at this mini Minnie mouse on the top. So stinking cute! 


Orange glitter tips 


orange french tips

Source: nailsathomewithalicex

Sometimes regular colors bore you, swap the old colors with some bright and vibrant orange. These French tips nail design short with a streak of glitter and black star sticker look so stunning and shiny! 

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Copper Glam Up tips


copper glam tips

Source: jessica_beauvisage_nailartist

This design for short nails is my personal favorite too. I mean this super gradient copper polish looks extremely glowing in the dark. Looking for the best time to wear it! 


Black And Silver Tips


silver french nails


These French tip nail designs for short nails can make any set of nails glam up in a few minutes. All you need is two polish, glossy black, and silver glitter to accomplish this nail design. The black and silver streaked to give it a more finished and complete effect. 


Aqua nails


aqua nail tips

Source: aliciaarya8

This style literally defines elementary nail art. You can bring your artistic imagination to life with a touch of black color on one nail. Not so difficult, but still makes a statement when you wear it. 


Sexy French Tips


french tips blue

Source: katezett

French manicures don’t have to be the classic clear and white combination. You can always have fun with colors and style. The bike black nails with metallic blue strips is the striking French tips designs for short nails.  Make a statement and look incredibly sexy.


Black Diamond nails


Black Diamond Nails

Source: sisternail_213

Not too sure about art and artistic designs. Make it simple yet gorgeous with black French tips and stones. It is one of the easiest and effortless ways to add shine and style to a regular French manicure. 


Leopard French tips


leopard french tips

Source: obeauty.nails

Animal prints remain a classic love for many women. If you’re also among those who admire animal patterns, this French tip for short nails is just for you. Paint some of your fingers in black and others in leopard skin texture. 


Berry Blossom French tip


french tips

Source: _karebeauty_

Beginning with a solid coat of a glossy berry color polish, this French manicure is delicate and feminine. Sometimes a nice color changes the whole look and this nail art defines it. The beauty of berry daisies has unique and fresh vibes. 


Red French Drip


red french tips for shrot nails

Source: heluviee

Well, this drip nail art has become a trend for some time. Even if your nails are short or long, you can still bring confidence and style. For a punk rocker look, this is one of the awesome French tips for short nails. 


Denim Blue Tips


denim blue tips

Source: the_gelbottle_inc

No matter what the season, this iconic denim blue will have you working all your best angles. These designer nails are subtle and gorgeous for any time of the season.


Negative Space Frenchies



Silver Black French Tips

Source: sensationails4u

This negative space French tip nails design short is a new spin on the standard nail art. The two nails are painted with an allover coat of black, index finger with silver accent. At the tips of other nails, a mix of silver glitter and black is painted on. The whole look is stunning and gorgeous. 


Double French tips


double frenchies

Source: beautybykatielouise

If you are looking for neat and clean nail art, these blue French tips are for you. A nude base and blue double tips if you have slightly long nails. Match the color with your dress. 


Disco French Tips


disco french nails

Source: liv4nails__

Who said short nails can’t stand out? Get ready for the party mood! A little glitter, gel, and stickers make this French tips design for short nails electrifying.  


Flower tips


flower tips

Source: minniesnails

If you want simple, natural tips but want to keep a tiny edge the floral pink tips are made for you. It’ll be eternally springtime on your nails with this super sweet flowery nail art.


Blood French tips


blood french tip

Source: ptp.nails

There’s something about blood nail art, which can look like there’s blood trickling down your nails, that’s equal parts creepy, cute, and surprisingly chic. Pick up this look for Halloween nails with a better version on a black base. 


Freestyle Pattern French


freestyle pattern french tips

Source: nelza_dun

One way of making your short nail look beautiful is to create some art with more colors and patterns. Take inspiration from this creative mani to take your nails to next level. 


French Ombre  tips


french ombre tips

Source: julyninetysix

The perfect summer color ombre tips for short nails. This creative and fresh take can be done in several colors. 


Matte Nails with Chrome Tips


chrome tips

Source: sensationails4u

If you want a look that sparkles in the sunlight, then this is the one for you. The gradient tips are reflective and make an effortless statement. Wear your best bling even with your short nails! 

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