How to take Care of Hands ?

how to take care of hands tips

After a tough week of almost no attention to the most powerful and precious hands, those lines and wrinkles make me nervous. When just moisturizing is not enough, there’s an alternative to look into. And here’s what it is, a complete routine to take care of hands. To any girl like me, being beautiful just by face was an old thought, we modern girls just don’t take a chance to ignore our beautiful bodies. Did you know that hands are one of the first parts to age? There is no better secret than dedicated and healthy care. Let’s get a quick dive into the sea of beauty to steal some tips for our hardworking hands. 

Beauty secret to hand care

Self-care is giving the world the best of you, instead of what’s left to you.

Tip1: Moisturize 


No matter what, moisturizing the hand is as much important as the face. Apply moisturize after every or two wash. It’s an essential part which most of us wouldn’t think to do. Dry hands are unappealing. The Winter season demands even extra hand care. The harsh and cold breeze crack the skin and it leaves it red. Moisturizing at multiple times nourishes the skin making it soft and healthy. You can even get the help of some oils like coconut or olive at night to rejuvenate the hand’s skin. To a more easy and quick option when nothing is available try a milk wash or apply with cotton on the back of the hands. This is something a traditional method used to keep skin glowing and hydrating as the queen Cleopatra


Tip 2: Get away from extreme hot or cold

how to take care of hands tips

If a hot shower craves you in the morning you are not alone, but that is something you should avoid. The extreme temperatures aren’t good for skin as they dry out and irritates your skin. Studies have revealed that hot water causes damage to the keratin cells that are located on the outermost layer of our skin — the epidermis. And the result is dry and dull skin. When you have a goal to look beautiful you have to make your mind tough. Because sometimes sacrificing to the body craving is all that you need. Just open the cold water tap. If you give it a fair chance, you might find that you actually like how you feel after taking one. Lukewarm water can be used in winters.  


Tip 3: Scrub and exfoliate

how to take care of hands tips

When your hands get dry and dull for a long, time hydrate and exfoliate. scrubbing and exfoliating are like removing dirt, and tanned skin.  Scrubbing not only exfoliates your skin but also stimulates the production of collagen and delays the appearance of wrinkles. Doing it once a week shows effective results. Hands scrub softens the rough hands by removing dead skin cells. There are various products that claim to be the best and are good. But if you are someone with an interest in natural beauty, prepare one for yourself. 

  • Lemon Sugar scrub

All you need for good hand care is a half cup of sugar, a tablespoon of olive oil, squeeze one or two lemons, and create a mixture. Take out a small amount of the scrub and gently massage it into your hands for a few minutes. Rinse the hands with warm water. the Sugar granules in the scrub help to exfoliate and lock the moisture of the hands. 

  • Honey and sugar scrub

Take a small bowl, mix 2 tablespoons of the raw honey with a quarter cup of sugar. Rub the scrub all over your hands, making sure to also massage the mixture into your cuticles. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water, pat your hands dry and finish with your regular lotion.


Tip 3: A Professional Manicure


A manicure is like a luxury beauty treatment for the hands. Using special tools, creams, waxes, and massage techniques make your nails and hands healthy and hydrated. A manicure is a professional beauty treatment with a lot of steps and processes with each stage the hands appear more clean and soft. Apart from this manicure is a relaxing massage for the hands that stimulate the blood and lymph flow to improve the health of your skin.

Although manicure is good care for hands, is it good for dry hands? 

Does manicure help dry hands? 

Yes, manicure for sure helps to combat skin dryness. With regular manicures, you can heal and prevent dry cracked skin. Hand creams, gel, and scrub rejuvenate the skin from the inside out. 

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Tip 4: A Natural Hand Massage

how to take care of hands tips

We always have spare time to relax our mind and body and spend enough to get peace.  A regular massage of 15 -20 minutes for the hands is the same as spending time for the manicure. Hand massage is a lot easier and can be practiced at any time. There are several sensitive points in the hands directly connected to nerves that when pressed help ease pain, increase hand strength and reduce stress and anxiety. First, learn a few steps from videos and after a few days, you will do it like an expert. Trust me, you will notice the difference only after a few messages. 


Tip 5 Soak the hands in milk

how to take care of hands tips

Milk is a natural available moisturizer to you would ever find in process of how to take care of hands. It is something available anytime and most effective that can be included in everyday hand care. The lactic acid found in the milk helps to get off the dead, dry skin, while the fat content provides moisture and soft touch. Soak your dry, cracked hands in milk about once a week to help restore moisture and heal the dryness. 


Tip 6 Make your nails healthy

how to take care of hands tips


Healthy nails are like less visible confidence boosters. For any woman, her nails and hands are the visible attractive parts. To maintain hand care you don’t really need to go through a large process. With just a handful of ingredients and efforts, you can take care of your nails and keep them shiny while preventing common nail problems like breakage, etc.

Step 1 Moisturize your nails

Moisturizing is a world-known secret to be used to take care of hands. Nails require the same attention. Dry and brittle nails can be the result of many factors, but they are on for a lot of moisture and hydration, so consider proper moisturizer as the foundation of your nail care routine. 

Step 2: Take biotin supplements

Biotin is a type of vitamin. Studies have found that it helped increased nail thickness and prevented splitting and breaking.

Step 3: Invest in good nail products

The products are most important in any beauty care. So upgrade your hand care products with light ones. The ones that are not harsh to your skin and nails. The one product that all dermatologists agree you should avoid if you have brittle nails is acetone nail polish remover. 

Step 4: Trim your nails regularly

Longer nails are certainly broke at some point. And Broken nails are painful! They’re also bothersome, and I find that I pick at mine and make them worse. The only solution would be to actually keep them well-trimmed. You surely know by now how much length of the nails you can withstand; the longer the nails just trim to their right size. 

Do’s and Don’ts to your hands 

  • Don’t cut or push back your cuticles
  • Don’t cut your nails too often
  • Add a deep oil massage 
  • Apply cuticle oil around your nails at least once a week as it will saturate the skin around the nail and moisturize it. 
  • Use sunscreen when going out
  • Often Scan nails for dark spots or injury
  • Don’t overuse nail hardeners


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