How to change your natural Body Odor? : 8 useful steps

how to change your natural body odor

The smell is a powerful impact on the person. Saying a little word, your smell defines it all. There are various studies that say how your smell attracts the mate. Science suggests we are attracted to people who smell in a certain way. Your sense of smell is so powerful to trigger your mood all day. 

With the importance of fragrance in life, there are multiple scents that might satisfy your daily need. A scent is always a classic solution to get you ready for any moment. You might put on artificial chemicals to get rid of the natural body smell. But your natural smell says it all to you. We live with our own scent all day and aren’t aware of how we actually smell.  You may not notice, but they’re different sorts of smells produced by the body that conveys a lot. When you all want is your natural body odor pleasing all day, there is something you can do. Keep on reading further. 

Why is your natural body odor bad?

Different people experience noticeable body odors in different areas.

  • The reason why people smell bad is more related to scientific evidence. A person’s skin contains both eccrine and apocrine sweat glands. Apocrine glands are under the hairy parts of the body like the armpits, groin. This gland secretes an odorless fluid that comes in contact with bacteria on the skin surface, developing a bad smell. The other eccrine glands are associated with cooling down your body temperature by releasing sweat. The main cause of the bad smell is not sweating but the bacteria which breaks down with the sweat-producing certain compounds and bad smell. 
  • The other reason being age. Teenage years are growth years. Body changes frequently in between 13-21 years. It’s normal to smell bad if you fall at this age. 
  • Environment plays an equal part in your body functioning. In humid and hot areas, you sweat more and more, even the dry skin gets oily and can develop a bad odor. You feel like clothes getting wet and that stinky smell is the clear indicator. 
  • What you eat affects your overall health. Sometimes bad breath is common when you miss your meals. Heavy diets like red meat, carbohydrates, cheese develop a strong smell than eating vegetables and fruits. 

Body odor is pretty common among people. Our body can develop odors in the mouths, armpits, vaginas, and urine. There are many changes that can be done to improve your personal body odor. 

Is it possible to change your natural body odor? 

Yes, it is possible to change the way how you smell. Although you cannot completely eliminate bad smells. Since your natural odor involves a combination of factors that influence bad odor. And some of the changes in diet, lifestyle, the environment can get you rid of your unwanted strong smell. 

Why do some people smell better than others? 

how to change your natural body odor

Some people smell more than others. Especially the opposite sex.  Generally, men experience the problem of bad odor more than women. As you know, body odor occurs due to emissions from skin bacteria. But some people might smell more than others. Some people have more expressive glands. The skin that produces more sebum smells more. In addition to it, fat storage in the body also contributes to bad odor. There is no denying that hormones also play a large part in this. At puberty, the hormone levels are continuously changing and teenage girls are more prone to oily and acne skin, therefore smell more than adults. So in different phases of life, a person can experience the problem of bad odor more than others. Eating habits, sweating, some have oily skin there can be multiple reasons for one person to smell better than others. 

Steps to change your natural body odor

While you can spray bottles of scent to mask your odor. Above that, you can invest your time in controlling the factors that affect how you smell. From the foods you eat to what you’re washing your body with, there are daily habits that can help you change your natural scent. 

Change your Diet

Your diet is the main culprit of your smell. Changing your natural odor requires a huge change in the diet. Toxic substances like alcohol are highly smell-inducing. The body treats it like toxic and breaks it down to form acids. Some of which get metabolized and the rest escape through pores and breath making you smell bad. Certain sulfur-containing foods such as garlic, onion also contribute to a bad smell. Keep a check on what you are consuming because, in the end, it will affect your personal health. Switching to fresh fruits and vegetables, limiting the toxin consumption can change your natural odor. 

Detox from inside out

Full detox not only purges skin congestion but also cleanses the body internally. Detoxification is a process of cleansing the body from outside and inside. You have to make sure to provide a constant supply of essential minerals and vitamins to limit the toxins in your body. This way it keeps up the stomach health and influences sweet-smelling inside. Want To know about how to detox from the inside out

Use face wipes to tackle oily skin

Oily skin on the face often smells bad. Although the sebum has no smell, it contacts skin bacteria as sweat resulting in a bad smell. You often feel your nose when it gets too oily and greasy, and starts to feel a stink little out there. Regular cleaning of the oil is necessary to improve skin health. Also, oil accumulated on the face is more likely to cause breakouts and acne. Using face wipes that absorb oil is a quick and easy effort. 

Hydrate more

Drinking enough water is a cure for every health problem. Want to treat acne, pimples drink water, staying hydrated also help ward off bad odors. Drinking water dilutes the toxins and impurities from the body, keeping it light and fresh.  Also when you sweat, your body loses water to keep the temperature low to cool you down. Losing too much water can make you dehydrated. Dehydration can cause weakness, tiredness, and a strong smell. 

Switch to a body cleanser

Cleansing means simple cleaning. Maintaining your daily hygiene is part of cleansing. Instead of using soaps that have done nothing to your smell. Invest in a good quality body cleanser. Body cleansers help remove the layer of dead skin cells and the excess oil from the surface. It removes skin impurities leaving it fresh and hydrated for hours. A cleanser works best to treat the post-workout sweat smell. 

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Keep clothes clean and dry

Clothes can carry a lot of bacteria when left unwashed and dry. Especially gym clothes after a workout starts to stink after some time. Despite washing it several times, the smell is still there. This can make you feel more stinky and bad. Keep your clothes dry and clean to avoid building up bacteria and those yellow sweat patches on your T-shirt. Wear breathable and cotton fabric. Don’t wear your clothes for more than one day. Wash your clothes often and dry them out in the sunlight to kill germs. 

Use a body wash

Instead of using a scented soap that advertises itself for leaving the flowery smell. It’s more hygienic than soap. Most body washes contain skin-softening emollients, which ultimately keep your skin hydrated, moisturized, and clean. Prevent bacteria build-up through frequent showering with any food body wash with antibacterial properties. 

Shave your body hair

Underarm sweat is directly linked to bad body odor. Underarm hair traps the moisture creating a wet spot where bacteria easily finds its way to body odor. Shaving your armpit hair and other hairy parts makes you feel drier and helps reduce bad odor. 

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