How to glow up in a week? 

How to glow up in a week

Good news ladies! You can transform your dull-looking skin in a week.  Radiant skin is the ultimate effect of the right skincare and lifestyle. The glow up on your face is also partly from taking care of your inner you. I remember how my glow up goes for a week. What I used to think of it to be a complete focus of your mind and body. I would prepare myself for a week before my college starts and even a family function to get all eyes on me! Glow up is in itself a great word to define its importance in girls’ life. If you want to glow up in your 30s or 20s or 40s give yourself a little pampering with this one-week glow up routine.

How to glow up in a week

This seven-day routine for glow up is focused to cover different parts of the body. There is always something left to be said, so you can add your personal routine and extend it to more days if you wish. 

Ways glow up your face in a week

how to glow up in a week

Healthy skin has an irresistible glow and energy, no matter what a person’s age. if your skin has been looking dull, dry, and tired, it needs extra care. If you have been following a cleansing and moisturizing routine, you can make a few simple tweaks to your old skincare and you will love your skin in one week. 


Cleanse twice a day

I don’t know how tired you are, but you should always wash your face with a cleanser every morning. If you have oily skin, you can cleanse twice. That’s enough. Just wash your face for 15-30 seconds with a nickel-size amount of cleanser. Don’t forget to find your skin type before you choose a cleanser. 

I have been committed to washing my face twice a day. Seriously, even when I hit happy hour a little too hard or snooze my alarm five times on Monday mornings, I wash my face morning and night like the responsible beauty editor I am. 

Exfoliate once

Exfoliating can be part of your routine. It helps to clean the dust and debris and open up the clogged pores. Apply either a physical exfoliant, like a face scrub, two to three times per week or a chemical exfoliator, such as a face peel, once per week for sensitive or dry skin and three times maximum for other skin types. 


Get a steam

The facial steam will work as a detoxifying treatment for your skin. If you are finding it difficult to keep up with exfoliating, face steaming is an alternative to it. But if you have dry skin, this is not the right one for you. Do not steam more than once a week, for not more than six minutes. After that apply a serum or moisturizer. 


Use a serum 

A serum will be your next step after cleansing. Serums are simply an added step for those that have the right skin type and are looking to go the extra mile in their daily routines. The simple rule is to deliver powerful ingredients directly into the skin. But you should probably get to know your ingredients first. 

Acne-prone: Look for vitamin C

Dry: Look for vitamin E

Oily: Look for  alpha-hydroxy acids

Some of my which I personally swear by are: Kiehl’s midnight recovery facial oil, Skinceuticals C E Ferulic, Hyaluronic Acid Serum Cerave, Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% The Ordinary, Vitamin C Serum Buttah Skin

Moisturize day and night

There is no way you can skip your moisturizer. This one is an age-old piece of advice that hasn’t much today. Whichever one you choose, make sure it forms an essential and regular part of your skincare routine. You can’t expect to have glowing skin without moisturizing and hydrating. 

Wear sunscreen

Alongside skin care, sun protection is an absolute beauty essential. When you don’t wear your sunblock, it shows up instantly on your skin, your face becomes red, and often damages the skin cells. So make a habit to add it daily from this week. Look out for a good SPF at least more than 30. My favorite one is elta MD SPF 46

Apply eye cream for under eyes

An eye cream can be a savior to those with dark circles and puffy eyes. It is a targeted moisturizer for specific areas. Always apply eye cream at night before sleep. For an area that blinks, squints, and crinkles thousands of times a day, this is a must in your week glow up challenge. 

Add lip care routine

In order to get your lips plumped, you have to prep them. Use an exfoliate and rub the lips in small circles and then rinse, apply a vitamin C lip treatment to hydrate and moisturize. By this, I already assume you have been using your daily lip balm the same way. If not, try mine Kosasport LipFuel Hyaluronic Acid Lip Balm

Get a face massage

Besides being relaxing, face massage exercises the facial muscles and gets the blood moving to create an even tone. Trust me, every time you massage your face, you will notice a healthy glow in your skin. Either do it with your fingertips or glide a gua sha stone 2-3 times this week. 

Shape your eyebrows

Apart from skincare, it’s necessary that you maintain your glow up by defining your facial features. Eyebrows are the most visible part of the features that need to be trimmed short and neatly. If you have thick hair it’s a plus point. Using eyebrow gel and setting them. In case you have thin eyebrows, it’s impossible to make them grow in a week. You can make a start by using Castor oil every night on brows and lashes. 

How do you treat pimples after threading? 

Ways to glow up hands and feet in a week

how to glow up in a week

Like your skin has a dedicated skincare routine, your hands and feet also need your time. This one is going to be pretty simple. 

How to take Care of Hands?

Cut your nails regularly

Clip your nails once they grow to an uneven shape and length. Well, if you love long nails you wouldn’t cut them as often. It would be helpful to set aside time once a week to trim your nails so that regular maintenance becomes a habit. Trim with nail clippers, clean the nail tips and use a file down to shape the rough spots. 

Apply a base coat

Protect your nails with a base coat. It works as a shield against the stained from polish and makes the color look more saturated and smooth. Long-term usage of nail polish damage the natural shine and strength of the nails. Basecoat can make them appear thicker and also protect them from any damage. 

Moisturize your hands and nails regularly

You moisturize your face before bed, so do the same for your nails. Make a routine of moisturizing your hands and feet. Don’t skip in the fingers and fingertips. What you can do is, moisturize as often as possible, especially after bathing or washing your hands. Keep hydrating during the day, with a small bottle of moisturizer in your bag. 

Manicure and Pedicure

Get professional treatment for hands and feet.  It includes a thorough cleaning and lotions designed to exfoliate your skin.  Any grime will be removed, as will dead skin cells, keeping your hands smooth and reducing any appearance of wrinkles.  A professional pedicure will also exfoliate your skin, as well as remove any callouses on the bottom of your feet.  

Ways to glow up your hair in a week

how to glow up in a week

Wash and condition

Wash your hair at least twice a week. But every time you wash your hair with shampoo, condition correctly and with care. Apply your conditioner first to the mid-shaft and ends of your hair; then work your way up to the scalp. It’s important to moisturize to avoid frizz and dryness. Leave the conditioner for a full minute before washing it out. 

Brush with a boar bristle brush 

Start using a boar bristle brush to avoid frizz and breakage. When you comb your wet, it is likely to break more from the stretching due to a small toothed comb. Carefully work on the strands if you have long lengths. The more you pay attention to hair for the week, the more you will happy about it. 

Cut the split ends

Without having a second thought, just book your nearest salon and get a trim. It will help to improve the look and texture of your hair by getting rid of dry, split ends. Follow a standard length of trimming your hair about half an inch in 2-3 months. 

Try a new hair color

Transformation is about confidence in what you wear. It could be your new hair color. If you don’t want to do experiments with your hair, it is completely ok. But if you have a good collection on Pinterest about the new hairstyle, time to do it now. 

Experiment with hairstyle

Girls with long hair have so much to do. Curl it, straight or braid. The more you change yourself, the more people recognize you. It will be interesting and love for yourself every day when you see new you in the mirror. Plan a week ahead for the hairstyle you’re going to make. This will save time and effort. 

Spray hair mist 

Well, on one hand, it is necessary to make your health and on the other is to spread some beautiful aroma to change the texture. Unlike other hair care products, hair mist does not have special tips. All you need to do is spritz it on dry hair from approx. 20 cm distance, around your roots and then a bit on your strands too. It can be your best friend for swimming and a night out with a friend. 

Use a Hair serum

When you need a quick fix, use a serum on the surface of your hair. I’m not saying you invest lots in hair products because I too don’t like doing much to my hair. I have long hair and styling them in an instant was a hard time. So I switched to this hair serum on the advice of my close friend Sherin. I use it occasionally and when running short of time. It’s a great product to make your hair shine in just a few minutes. 

Ways to glow up with makeup 

how to glow up in a week

Highlight your eyes 

Doing your eye makeup allows you to look more attractive and stylish. In general, girls are likely to have darker eyes because it is a sign of femininity. Lipstick and eye shadow are makeup staples because they enhance those features. Start with a basic eyeliner up and down if you aren’t confident in doing eyeshadow. Make sure you contrast with eyeliners. Sometimes black or white or anything new. 

Conceal your under-eye area

If you are a student or working a 9-5 job, your eyes must be suffering a lot. Try to conceal those dark circles with a good concealer. At night keep with an under eye cream for treatment. 

Curl your lashes and add mascara

Avoid eyelash extension and do some natural curling. Curling your eyelashes can really help make your eyes stand out. If you want them to stay supple and soft, you should use eyelash serum before and then use an eyelash curler and mascara. Make it a part of your daily routine starting today!

Add blush

Blush can be used to create contour and highlight your good features. Choose a shade that is a little darker and removes your average rosy pink. Tom Ford Cheek Colour in Flush, is my personal because it doesn’t have many undertones which makes it amazing and flattering. 

Moisten lips for the glow

Always use a lip balm or a gloss to achieve those luscious lips. Dab a bit of lip balm on your lipstick so that they don’t look dry. Moisturize about three times a day and hydrate with fluids and water. Above all, moist lips look more youthful.

Ways to glow up body in a week

how to glow up in a week

Drink plenty of water

There’s hardly any health website or any skincare expert not advised about drinking enough water. Not only water keeps you hydrated but also gets rid of skin problems. Start your intake with a water bottle. As a reminder use any app that notifies you to drink water in case you miss it. You will happy to see your clearer skin after one week. 

Release your sweat

You can not say no to exercise. You have to exercise to sweat your body. This will flush out the toxins. And to exercise only stretching and 15 minutes yoga won’t do any good. Either join a gym or include a 30 minutes proper cardio. Glow up is the result of hard work. If you understand…. 

Shave your body intimate hair

Clean your underarms, upper lips, and wax your legs. And don’t forget to shave your bikini line. It’s annoying when there are lots of hair on your body. In summer, when it smells, it can make you feel awkward in front of people. People might avoid sitting or hanging around you. So, this part is basically focused on your daily body hygiene. 

Go for a detox

Depending on your schedule, dedicate one day of the week to eliminate impurities and toxins from the body. For this what you can start by adding a few detox drinks to your diet which will help in complete detoxification as well as give you healthy skin. Some detox drinks like:

  • Green tea, lemon detox drink
  • Apple cider vinegar detox drink

Try a superfood smoothie

Eating right is definitely valuable for glowing skin. And I’m so to speak from experience! I’ve been drinking smoothies every day for the past few months and a huge difference in not only my energy, but my skin has never looked better before. I would get all the essential vitamin that protects my skin and blend on the go drink. Last year was my work from home, so I would fill up my stomach with all the fun toppings in the breakfast. You can do it so. 

Sleep right

Do you really wanna glow up in a week? Then sleep for 8 hours. Cutover the social media for few days. Start practicing some self-treatment with the right sleep and diet. Your solution to most of your problems is that you overthink and break sleep. Now is the time to give yourself a big sleep free from worries. 

Add citrus fruits

Last but not least is the diet. For 7 days you have to eat only fruits and vegetables. Take fruits as juices or eat raw. Prepare a super smoothy in the morning. There’s no time to add fruits to your diet. 

Buy a new perfume

Aromas are necessary for everyone’s life. Not only does it play a huge part in improving your mood, but it can also work on your attitude towards life. No matter what fragrance makes you attractive with your vibe. There are numerous options available that can be used on daily basis. And I suggest you should never step out without your smell. 

Ways to glow up with your old clothes in a week

how to glow up in a week

Most of us don’t have enough time and money to buy new clothes in a week. But hey, there’s everything you can do with your old pieces. 

Resize baggy sweaters

If you have some oversize sweaters in your wardrobe, resizing is a simple way to turn them into a new style. It’s as easy to do: turn your sweater inside out; put it on; pin the excess; take it off; sew along with the pins. This will help you change your old style into a new look. 

Renew your old jeans

We all have our favorite pair of jeans. Some of which we keep wearing every day. You know that these are faded but still, you are getting enough of them. Just give them a new life in a bucket of RIT dye. You can be innovative with the color combinations on your jeans. 

Invest in a good quality purse

I know it’s gonna increase your budget, but it’s important too. I like purses a lot. Every other day I would be scrolling for a new handbag that match my outfit. A good quality leather bag I would say not only enhance your personality but also your confidence. 

Glam up with knots

The best style with what you have is tying. Whether it’s a shirt, top, or T-shirt, just tie up in the front. It will make your whole look a lot neater and cleaner. Tie with a belt or scarves, women have unlimited options. 

Plan your outfit before

For one week, plan ahead you dress for the next day. Many of us usually decide in the morning what to wear and often ended up losing in style. It ruins the day because what you thought at the moment, you are dressed like that. So make a habit of taking a look at your outfit before sleep. Trust me it’s going to help you a lot in your innovative styling. 


Accessories can transform a boring outfit into wow! If you want to look stylish, then adding jewelry or something with your dress spice up your look. Accessories can create a different world in their eyes. You can wear the simplest clothes, but you can look like a million dollars. All you need is a little creativity and imagination. 

Ways to glow up internally in a week

Your mindset in glowing up is very important too. When your mind is at peace, happy, and stress-free, the glow on your body is immediately reflected. Here’s how you can do:

Enjoy sports

Everyone loves playing one or the other game. It could be badminton or football or an indoor chess match with your friends. Sports make you more daring and tough with the mind. You are likely to find yourself at the center without any fear of people. Indulge in some kind of activity that excites you and at the same time challenge you. 

Connect with loved ones

If you want to be happier, you need surround by people who love and care for you. Take a visit to your grandfather or uncle this Saturday. Or visit an old childhood friend you’ve lost touch with. 

Learn something new

Is there anything that you have always been wanted to learn, it could be a small eyeliner trick? I used to be very bad at my eyeliner. My hand doesn’t move in the right direction, so I learned how to do it from a 30-second video. It was easy now because I know the trick. You can interest too. Just learn it right now. 

Treat Yourself

Life is not easy and everything doesn’t go the way we thought of. But there should not be an end to living for your own self. Give something to yourself because for what you have made to it till. Book an appointment for a spa, cook something, write for yourself, or dance with yourself. 

Avoid negative thoughts and people

Positivity will boost positivity and negative energy will make you more negative. For a week, avoid contacting people who demotivate you, thoughts that push you down. Start replacing all of these negative things with people who have a positive effect on you and good habits.


Reading is relaxing. Make a habit of reading something every day before bed. It will improve your sleep and mood. You don’t have to stick to novels, any sort of healthy reading like poetry or psychology will help you improve your life. 

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