Is it ok to massage your scalp every day? 

is it ok to massage your scalp everyday?

We all enjoy an occasional hand massage, foot massage which we call manicure and pedicure. Even we someday spare time to give our body a good massage. Every type of massage is relaxing. And when we talk about head massage it’s even more relaxing and soothing. That sound sleep after a good is incomparable. That relaxing and sleepy hangover after a scalp massage concentrates all the anxiety-giving pleasures of its own. Massaging is actually simple and peaceful. 

Massaging the scalp is getting popular among people for not only benefit the brain health but also its benefits to the hair. Recently we talked about applying oil to the hair, conditioning curly hair, and above all lies is a good scalp massage to keep the scalp i.e the base of the hair moisturized and nourished. Thinking about giving yourself a massage, take a look at tips you will find helpful while your massage. 


Is it ok to massage your scalp every day? 

Yes, it is completely ok to massage your scalp every day. A scalp massage is a gentle acupressure massage of the head with fingertips which has been proven to relax physical stress and achieve hair health. While you move your fingers in a circular motion over your head your scalp improves the blood flow in the head. 

The scalp is delicate and soft skin where hair grows. The pores in the scalp produce oil to keep the hair moisturized and healthy. If you don’t massage or moisturize, the scalp becomes stiff and feels like a pain in the head.  

Massaging the scalp every day keeps the hair supple by promoting the flow of blood to the most sensitive areas. 

The ideal time of the day for a scalp massage is during the shower. This time is perfect. When your hair is wet and once you have shampooed, gently massage with your fingertips in a circular motion for 5-7 minutes. This can be your daily hair care routine. 

You can try massaging the scalp on dry hair any time of the day. Once you get used to massage, you will find it hard to leave. 


Does massaging stimulate hair growth? 

Yes, scientific studies have shown that massaging the scalp stimulates hair growth. 

Hair thinning is one of the common problems with more than 45% of women experiencing hair loss or slowing growth. Various factors are responsible for your hair problem such as stress, genetics, overheating, pregnancy. 

There are countless remedies out there but one blind trusted and certified is a good scalp massage. It works by stretching the cells of hair follicles which give a boost of oxygen and increases blood contributing to hair growth. Massaging is a traditional practice living for years. In earlier times people use it to improve the hair texture, making the hair thick and strong. 

Beautiful, strong hair depends on good blood circulation, proper nutrition, and a healthy and supple scalp. With nutrition and proper care, you can achieve the desired long and thick hair. An additional option to go with is an oil scalp massage. Doing it will also help you treat dry and frizz. 

How to give yourself a scalp massage? 

If you doing it yourself at home there are four ways you can massage your scalp:

Traditional scalp massage

It’s easy and quick. You can do it anytime you feel like it. Either massage through dry scalp or wet it involves just your fingertips to be moved with a little technique. 

  • Use your fingertips to apply light to medium pressure across the head in a circular motion. 
  • Press with a firm fingertip on areas near the neck, ears, forehead, and wherever you feel like. 
  • Massage for about 5-8 minutes and relax with free hair. 


Massage in the shower

is it ok to massage your scalp everyday?

When you are getting short of time and still want to stick with your daily hair routine. You can use the above approach whilst you shower. Massage your shampoo all over the head using your fingertips. 


Massage tools and brushes

There is a countless option available to massage your scalp. Scalp massaging tools like brushes are as effective as the traditional hand massage. 


Oil scalp massage

Oil massage is great but daily oil massage can be difficult and uneasy. After every massage, you need to get a shower. So alternate day oil scalp massage to address hair and scalp concerns. Essential oils like coconut oil, peppermint oil, tea tree oil help to promote hair growth. 

Remember to rinse off the oil after an hour of application.

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Does coconut oil darken your skin? 

Is it ok to have an oil scalp massage every day? 

Massaging every day will enhance blood circulation in the hair follicles making them strong and healthy. Oiling every day your scalp is not recommended. Especially for the ones with oily hair. Even the dry cannot withstand the aftereffect of everyday hair wash after the massage. Using shampoo to rinse off the oil is important. And everyday shampoo wash away the natural hair oil leaving the scalp dry. 

Thus, oiling and shampooing twice a week would be ideal. 


Is it normal for hair to fall during a scalp massage?

No, a scalp massage is not the cause of hair fall. Provided you are doing it gently. During the massage, if you see above-average hair fall, you might be suffering from hair fall.  An average person loses about 100 hair a day. Losing this much hair is quite normal. However, the scalp massage in fact helps to reduce hair loss. 

Although if you are still dealing with hair you must first consider going to a doctor.  Here are some precautions you can take while treating your hair with a scalp massage. 


  • Use only normal water to wash your hair. Avoid hot water baths. 
  • Have a healthy diet and take vitamin B supplements
  • Cut down on shampoo. Try to limit it to twice a week. 
  • Avoid regular overheating or styling products
  • Avoid oils if you have a great scalp. 


Does scalp massage help dry hair? 

Yes, oil scalp massages help with dry hair. In fact, an oil massage is great for the dry, flaky, and itchy scalp. every type of hair, curly or straight benefits from a scalp massage A good scalp massage works like an exfoliate that removes the dead skin cells and encourages blood flow to the roots. 

Scalp massages can calm itching, manage oil production, and improve scalp health when introduced as a daily routine. So a more refreshing and relaxing massage still feels good if you don’t have a dry scalp. 

Are scalp massagers worth it?

Many people wanted to know if massaging using a tool could be as relaxing and beneficial for the hair. Most of us consider having a massage almost every day. And is it good to replace using a scalp massager? Yes, studies have shown that scalp massagers do exactly what they sound like. Handheld devices shaped like a brush are easy to use. They work best to both stimulate and exfoliate the scalp. These products are certainly harmless and at their very best can improve blood circulation in the scalp. While it cannot counteract with the superiority of the fingertips which you can instruct by own to where to apply pressure. Since there is evidence that scalp massager is effective to the scalp having a one for everyday scalp massage is completely worth it. 

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