Julia Roberts Beauty Secret

julia roberts beauty secret

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Julia Roberts, the Pretty woman starter, 5 times holds the title of the world’s most beautiful woman. The first time she showed up on the TV was when she was 23 years old. Now the pretty woman has stepped into her 50s but her beauty seems to forget to count years. Her reflecting skin and silky hair speak so much about her beauty regimen. 

When asked what she thinks about her title, Roberts said she was “just very adorable and naive and so happy to be invited to the party.” Julia has always looked flawless in her every role being an actress, wife, and mother. Throughout all her iconic roles from Pretty Woman to Eat, Pray, Love, and beyond, she’s made us wonder exactly what she does to keep looking that radiant at the age of  50. In her most interviews, she revealed her love for eye makeup, mascara. Her beauty desires are from childhood she said, ” I would get into my mother’s bathroom and apply her eyeliner. I would use it on the lower rim of the eye. “

For her, beauty is easiest to maintain and it’s more exciting work. As an actress, she has been very hardworking and gave everything on the sets, and now as a successful person, she said all she can give is time and care to her body. Widely popular for her radiant smile, talking about her present skincare, here is something we have summed up. Not to mention she is a millionaire and getting her done the beauty chores could be easy and handy. Every one of us cannot maintain her way. There are some easy and quick tips of our favorite Julia Roberts that tell how she manages to look so amazing. 


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  • Sunblock: She never skips her sunscreen

Julia in 2017 said,” As a responsible parent with three kids you always rely on a good sunblock. ” Even if she lives in her luxury, her best efforts are always to protect herself from harmful UV rays and maintain her beauty. And a good SPF sunscreen does the best. As an actress, she has to get ready to shoot for any weather whether it’s hot, sunny, or cold winter. To have a youthful, radiant, and healthy-looking skin sunscreen has helped her lot to protect against the harmful effects of premature aging. Roberts stresses that skin is healthier overall when you protect it from both inside and outside and sunscreen is necessary for outside protection. 

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  • No Makeup: She doesn’t wear makeup at night

Roberts is confident and determined to keep her face clean while she goes to bed. She believes in taking off her makeup before bed. She told that Lancôme’s Bi-Facil Double-Action Eye Makeup Remover is one of her long-time faves. Not only celebrities but normal people in order to rejuvenate and heal the skin must remove makeup at times when inside the house and night and then moisturize the skin to breathe right. Julia Roberts concerns her beauty in a way to keeps it clean and healthy. As a busy mom, she would avoid lots of makeup and just apply sunblock to feel her easy and light. 

The luxury beauty brand Lancôme is popular for its world-class mascaras is the favorite brand for Roberts. 

  • Hands like butter: She takes care of her hands

Hands show aging more than your face. Roberts when stepped into her aging years knew how important it has to give hands complete care. She would moisturize her hands regularly and keep a check on hydration. Being a frequent traveler  Roberts said to Hollywood Life, “Before I get on an airplane… I pile up on the skincare products. You couldn’t hug me because I would just slip right away from you,”. It seems like she always layers her skin to prevent contact outside. Well till now her beauty routine is more common, minimal, and easy to be followed. Just being more dedicated she has gained flawless, radiant skin. 

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  • Eat Good: Her diet is the top priority

It’s no big secret that what you eat directly contributes to the skin. Julia completely gets it. As She explained, ” I always say to my kids, ‘You have to eat the good stuff to get the good stuff, and it’s Ok! “. Roberts is mainly gluten-free. Her eating is straight to fill enough and appropriate and be conscious. The actress keeps her hydration inside and outside complete and is advised to remain calm and drink a lot of water. Some of her best eating practices are:

  • Keep an eye on the fats when cooking or serving the types of foods that can increase the undesirable calorie content. 
  • As she said, ” I’m very choosy about my fats intake.” Cut down on saturated fat and sugar. 
  • Get active and maintain weight. During the aging process, it is highly recommended that I exercise not only to maintain my weight but to keep up with energy. 


  • Focus on teeth and gums: She whitens her teeth with baking soda

Julia Roberts has always been known for her radiant smile and infectious laugh. According to Dr. Georgi Ganetsovski, a lead archaeologist at the site, “She was a rare beauty and could have competed with a perfect set of teeth. She is a Stone Age Julia Roberts. She would have had a perfect smile–it really is a puzzle.” With so many compliments about her smile and the perfect arranged teeth, Julia Roberts makes every way to keep them clean and white. On any busy day, she would just brush her teeth with baking soda and apply sunblock and move quickly. The baking soda trick she learned from her grandfather. 

One of the studies published in the American Journal of Dental Association showed that baking soda or bicarbonate can be used as an effective ingredient for oral care. Baking soda makes an easy and effective DIY home remedy for teeth whitening. This is the easiest method to whiten your teeth all you have to do is simply mix about a tablespoon of baking soda and apply with your fingers on the teeth and brush for 1-2 minutes. And you are all set up for your work. 


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  • Sunglasses are always up: She always protects her eyes

When asked about her most favorite part of the makeup, eye makeup topped her list. She is a little more obsessed with the eyes. Eyes demand more care than any body part. As an actor, it has become really an important part of my daily routine to keep the eyes always radiant. The best and easiest I could go with is sunglasses she said. Sunglasses are protectors from the sun and sometimes help you hide your last night’s tiredness. Sunglasses are an extremely essential option to protect your beauty and I consider the amazing and reflecting glasses always up when I am out. 


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  • Wear the fragrance: Get that sense of pleasure

There is no point in neglecting your body smell. I’m more fond of woody ones. Patchouli and earthy scents flatter me more than just being sweet. Whether on the screen or off she has not changed much with her beauty preferences. The fragrance is so important to me. It’s like that I would not promote something I wouldn’t love. Depending on the smell, perfumes have the power to make you perceived as more happy, confident, and attractive. I always look for better and try to experience new things she said. When I do so, it gives me more depth of my actual taste and as an individual more complexity in attitude. And to me, this makes anyone ten times more interesting. So, wearing your fragrance is confident and has a positive attitude towards the body.

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