40 Pink Glitter Nails Ideas

Forget everything you’ve created, there’s a reason why girls love glitter nails so much. And on the top are the pink nails. Glitter nails are the popular trend in grooming that makes everything more glamorous. 

A coat of glitter at the top is the perfect way to spice up any nail design and make it instantly festive. Talking about glitter nails, pink glitter accents are making huge popularity on the internet. You would see hashtags on Instagram flooded with millions of posts and a long list of comments for pink glitter nails. 

So keeping up the trend for pink glitter nails here are 40 beautiful and unique nail designs to dress up in dots of sparkle. 


Pink Glitter French tips


pink glitter nails

Source: glamourbymimi

One of the interesting twists to the old French manicure with pink glitter. This stunning nail design has a whole glam and feminine mix of white flowers and dots on the top. Get ready for valentine, or stretch for a new nail art just to make you feel more confident. 


Gorgeous Pink nails


pink glitter nails

Source: lorena__nailzz
Another gorgeous pink nail set is here to level up your dull and boring nail art. The simplest way to upgrade long acrylic nails is to add a hint of glitter and flowers to recreate the above look. 


Pink Glitter Frenchies


pink nails with glitter

Source: nailsbypaulin

Just because you are keeping things simple doesn’t mean to be boring. Pink sparkly tips on three-finger and entirely coated in glitter thumb and the tiny finger is the best way to flaunt your hands elegantly at any time. 


Dusky Pink Nails


pink glitter nails ideas

Source: thebeautyroombysarah

The ideal nails to level up whatever mood you’re in. These dusky pinks are created with matte, gloss, and glitter. There’s no way you can turn your eyes off from the modern and alluring beauty of these nails. 


Pink and Green Nails


cute pink glitter nails

Source: nailsbylydiette

If you want to create some fun for your nail art, this pink and green combo will inspire you to start with. For a cute girl, this cute aesthetic nail art is another level up. 


Pink Party Nails


pink party nails

Source: desiree_paradix_nails

Get into the party mood with these dreamy pink party nails. Paint your nails in pink glitter nail polish and multiple layers of colors to your middle and ring finger food all the twist. 


Matte and Glossy Pink Nails


pink glitter nail art


Source: heluviee

Look carefully at this half matte and half glossy nail art! If you can’t decide between the two, this is the best way to wear both. A hint of gold foil makes it ready for a party. 


White and Pink nails


glitter nails pink

Source: amyle.nails

Ahh! One of the most awaited designs that look classy and posh. You can recreate this beautiful color combo on your own with nail tape. Dazzle the whole look with gold glitter on each nail. 


Floral Pink Glitter nails


pink glitter nails floral


Source: staver.alina.nails

Well if you want something that admires your femininity and beauty, give this sweet look a try. Not to say, the white shade on one hand and pink on the other atop a leaf print embrace the hands. A coat of nude glitter makes it perfect for any festive season. 


Chevron Tips and Diamond


pink glitter nails diamond

Source: staver.alina.nails

This twist with classic white chevron and pink base, and diamonds and glitter steal the look for the show. One of the easiest designs you can recreate by yourself with nail tape. 


Pink Flakes Nails


pink glitter nails tips

Source: 14nailz

These diagonal tips have extremely rocked up above all. Start with a clear base and use nail tape to create the diagonal shape around the corner of the nails. Now apply the pink flakes on the nail polish one by one to fill the area. 


Pink Sailor Moon Nails


pretty pink glitter nails art

Source: kawaiiklaws

If you know barely know around a beautiful nail art that’s cute and glittery,  I bet you would love to copy this nail art. This manicure will be just as fun and chic with the colors revealed. 


Pink Leopard Print


pink glitter nails leopard

Source: blossomnailspa

Another pinky manicure idea? Simple glitter is one the easiest you can think of, this set of uniques twists of animal print and glitter is beautiful to wear. Use a dotting tool to get a perfectly shaped leopard pattern on your nails. 


Groovy Pink Glitter Art


pink nails art glitter

Source: karenfornails

Isn’t this manicure fit for an enchanted evening? The pink glitter base in the ring finger, holographic gold glitter, and sticker print on the rest give the nails a groovy feel in the festive season. 


Pink Snowflakes Glitter Nails


pink glitter nails winter

Source: viktoriiaanails

If you want to feel a little blushy and sparkly in the winter, these pink snowflake nails are all set to boost your mood. Paint your nails with a light pink shade and highlight with a berry glitter shade. Finish off with hand-drawn snowflakes or use the stickers. 


Cute Pink Glitter Nails


pink Christmas nails glitter

Source: leigh_thorne_x

Why don’t you give Christmas nails a twist to pink and white instead of red? These cute Christmas short nails have different designs on all nails. If you have a good hold of your hand you can give your short nails the best look this season. 


Classic Pink Gradient


classic pink glitter nails

Source: annagasienica_

Don’t you worry if your nail artist is busy, here’s how you can do it yourself the classic pink glitter nails? A pink matte base and a coat of gold glitter, and white strips make it appealing ever! 


Sleek Polished Pink Nails


simple pink glitter nails

Source: ggo_and_on

OMG, I love this cute and modern pink nail set. This is the best design for both work and play. The base is pink, a hint of gold foil finished with freely stroke of dark pink takes the nails to the next level. 


Pretty Pink Aesthetic Nails


pink glitter christmas nails

Source: lilyemma.xo

Get ready for the Christmas vibes in pretty pink aesthetic nails!  Baby pink base, on the top dark pink snowflake and glitter, adds the pink soft vibe to the whole look for festive. 


Pink Plaid Art


pink glitter plaid nails

Source: polishpixie92

Do you like the plaid nails? This nails art is going to inspire with the glitter top and neutral base. And yes, this manicure is both classy and gorgeous too! 


Pink Fall Foil Nails


pink gliiter fall nails

Source: aniapalka

Get into the fall vibes with this beautiful set of pink fall nails. A modern fall twist shade of blush pink is used as the base color. The gold, green, and brown accents combine the whole vibes of autumn. 


Pink Reptile Nails


pink reptile nails

Source: jassinails

This manicure has its own art. The white and pink reptile pattern is hand-drawn, little and index fingers are coated in pink shimmer. Seriously bling! It’s a total show-turner. 


Pink Cupcake Love


Pink nails cute

Source: polishedlooksbymelissa

If it’s Valentine’s Day or not, this cute pink nail set is all filled with lovely and sweet vibes. A perfect and most interesting way to let the old go off and welcome new bright beginnings. There’s truly no way you can escape from this nail design. 


Pink and Black Leaves


pink leaves

Source: nailsbyryoko

Three nails pink and two nails clear with black leaves makes the perfect look for any season. That black and white leaves are slick as heck. The textured gold foil glitter accent nail is gorgeous, and the gold beads on the pink base nails are just right.


Clouds and Bubbles


pink cloud nails

Source: nailsbyryoko

Create a dreamy and cloudy nail art design! It’s a party at your fingers. A cute pink glitter base is rocking up with the white clouds and bubbles dazzling. Make sure to use a good top coat to seal the beauty of nails. 


Pink Stripe Nails


pink glitter nails stripes

Source: _get_polished_

One of the simplest and not so easy to create, this one strip on nails fits the right casual style. For street lovers, party lovers, and elegant ladies, it fits all and every nail size. 


Silver Glitter nails 


pink glitter nails star

Source: polished_nails.by.ceri

One more sparkle added to the list. But here it is more bright and shiny. The stripes of pink accent on the ring finger and star level up more the silver shine on the nails. Cheers to the party in these glamourous looks. 


Black Pink Nails


black pink glitter nails

Source: nailsthatmatch

Birthday nails! Dress up in a cute pink outfit and this Black pink nails. Nothing excites you more than these part vibes on a pink glittery base. For the cutest girl the cutest nails ever. 


Gold Butterflies 


pink nails designs

Source: emznailsx

This mani is done up in that classic neutral shade of pink with a gold accent on top. Stickers of stars, butterflies, and hearts are used. Everything is finished with a glossy top coat to make this manicure polished and neat.


Pink Ombre Nails


pink ombre nails

Source: nails_by_victoria88_

Ombre nails are my favorite too. You can wear them as they are, they just look perfect every time. After seeing this creative nail art, I feel there’s more to do. Clean, classic, and over-the-top design. 


Pink Tortie Nails


pink nails animal print

Source: _get_polished_

Another set of animal print nails with pink touch. Here two nail is done up in pink shimmer, one in Tortie print, and one that levels up the whole look is half Tortie and half pink. This is a cool approach to wear this season. 


Cute Girl Nails


cute pink glitter nails

Source: fabrykapazurkow

This nail art simply means the cutest. All pink on the thumb and little finger, pink white stripes on the index finger, shiny glitter ring finger, and mini on the middle are just lovely! The look is cute and pretty. 


XO love nails


glitter nail pink

Source: ahelen

This nail polish idea is pretty in pink glitter! This manicure uses a white base and pink glitter. Then there are one accent nails with xo love. This manicure is truly stunning and it has a little bit of everything!


Pink Cow Print


pink cow print nails

Source: nailedbyahyleen

This manicure would take some time but the results are awesome and unique. The long nails in pink ombre, glitter accent, and cow print look both chic and festive. 



Pink Swish


pink and white nails art

Source: leelees_nails_x

What not to love in these classic color combo nails! A little experiment with standard white French tips and a twist of pink swirls on the ring finger is a subtle design for all seasons. 


Pink Barbie Nails


pink barbie nails

Source: nailsbyizzyxo

Look pretty in your pink set! Pink isn’t just a color, it’s attitude! Wear your Barbie nails and embrace yourself with cool and cute vibes. 


Hot Pink and Foils


hot pink glitter nails

Source: asprettyas_nailsbykelly

If you are looking for bold and sexy nails, this nails art will surely make your day! You can ask a pro to recreate this expensive-looking design or D.I.Y. it with nail stickers and a gold chrome finish polish painted along the cuticle. 


Pink Swirls


pink glitter nails designs

Source: infinity_nails_kw

Thinking of a simple design, pink and white swirls with a hint of glitter are best to go! You can also play with more colors here. Think pink and blue, or black pink combo! 


Pink Icecream nails


pink nails colorful

Source: nails_bycat

Let’s not limit ourselves to one set of nail art! Aren’t these ice cream, glitter, and pink nails cute? Keep up the summer feel with these sparkly pink creamy nails. 


Butterfly nails


pink nail glitter

Source: denissas_nails

Get fancy with this pink ombre and butterfly mani that’s easy and chic. The soft pink ombre is subtly brought to life with pink glitter and butterfly accent on the top. 

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