20 Purple Ombre Nails Designs

purple ombre nails

Purple has been everywhere in the previous years and we find it is not going to leave us now. In fact, most of us see it as a dominating color for 2022. At first, we used to wear the dark purple tones, and slowly the lilac our favorite one has entered. Now more and more shades have brought the already existing royalty and style statement of purple hues. It is such a strong hue that gives a luxurious appearance to your nails. Also pairing it with other colors is not at all difficult. 

Purple Ombre Nails

If you are looking for a purple ombre with different colors, this purple collection includes some of the most appealing nail art with stones and hand-drawn art. Take them to your next nail appointment or try your hand at a DIY ombre manicure at home.

Purple Ombre nails with Diamonds

Purple ombre nails look dreamy and gorgeous.  The blending of one light and the other darker creates a trendy and subtle approach. On one finger is the glitter touch and diamond dazzling on the index finger turn this whole sober look into a party one. 

Purple ombre nails

Source: nailsbykat

Blue and Purple Ombre Nails

Blue and purple make a very unique and great combination. Look at these long stilettos wrapped in dark purple and blue hues. Bold, classy, and fiery. For someone who can wear the confidence in royal purple shade. 

Blue and Purple Ombre

Source: patrycja.blaszczyk.art

Misty Mauve and Vintage Purple Ombre

These two purple shades are compliment each so perfectly. Vertical ombre base and glitter leaves make you purple ready for any occasion. The great thing about pairing purple hues with glitter nail lacquer is that it has a stunning appearance. 

Misty Mauve and Vintage Purple ombre

Source: mj_nails_by_kelly

Pink and Purple Ombre Nails

Purple and pink seem a little unusual color combo. But it is pretty and is easy to wear. The two shades go together and create a soft and feminine appearance. Airbrushed playful bunnies, hearts, and twinkles look dreamy. Finish off with a matte topcoat. 

Pink and Purple Ombre Coffin Nails

Source: nailstory_ca

Grey and Purple Ombre

Purple and grey ombre, it didn’t strike my mind before. It looks so great and most importantly blends it like the ideal pink or nude. I really like the idea of love birds. It seems to fit right for Valentine’s Day. Anyways the glitter topcoat is upgrading the whole look. 

Grey and Purple ombre

Matte Purple and Spider Nails

Your purple nails can make a statement in this abstract art of spiders. Your Halloween nails are going to be as perfect as your dress. If you have a good hand in makeup, then painting these little specky spiders won’t be any difficult. 

Matte Purple and Spider Nails

Purple Ombre Star nails

How about this dreamy and classic concept of purple ombre nails.? A gorgeous light purple color working as a smooth and creamy base this one stands out beautifully with gold stars and moon.  The perfect nail art that is too much glitter and stones yet draw attention. 

Light Purple ombre and stars

Black and Purple Ombre

Ahh, this one. It is bold and mysterious. We sometimes think black is too dark, why not ease into the look with purple? The color combo is a great way to show off your nails and make a bold and powerful statement about yourself. 

black and purple ombre nails

Source: slayy_nailss

Red and Purple Ombre Nnails

Red nail polish has its own appeal, but if you want something different and fun, then the purple ombre and red nails you have been looking for. Two opposing colors make such an attractive ombre effect. Against the dark purple, the bright red really pops, creating an impressive simple appearance. You can wear it with any color garment. That said, if you want a more streamlined appearance, opt for an outfit in a solid, dark tone.

Red and Purple ombre nails

Source: dipnailedit

White and Purple Ombre

For those who prefer a fuss-free and minimalist approach will be drawn to the white and purple ombre plus marble nail design. White is such a complimenting hue that goes blindly with any dark or light shades? Keep your base white and upper coat any dark or soft purple shade. To create the marble effect you may need a relatively steady hand because precision is important, but the effect is super pretty and elegant if you get it right. Take a look at these 40 White Nails Ideas for your next mani.

White and purple ombre

Source: mianailbar_spabeautylounge

Purple Ombre Nails with Glitter

Yellow and purple have created such an amazing and attractive color scheme, it is hard to escape it.  The yellow base with glitter purple on one hand and detailing flames on the other is upgrading the look. Plus, it’s easy to replicate at home. This bright look is not dictated by seasons and can be worn all year round.

yellow and purple ombre nails

Dark Ombre 

The whole set of only purple shades. Two dark to light purple tones makes the elegant nail design. Just to level up your casual nails draw these white lines with freehand and add a hint of glitter. It completes the nails and makes them ready for the event. 

purple ombre nail designs

Purple and Peach Ombre

The best part I love about nails and makeup is playing with any colors which are sometimes limited to our lip colors and daily outfits. I look for unique color schemes when I collect nail designs, it brings more ideas into my mind. Just stopped by this new purple and peach ombre with black flowers. It’s the best nail art for summer. 

Purple and Peach Ombre

Purple beach nails

Beach days mean soft tones for me! What about you? If you like to dress up your next holiday in clean and elegant tones, purple might suit you best. Pastel pink and purple make you beach-ready. 

Purple beach nails

Purple glitter ombre

Sometimes the best nail art is the most wearable yet that makes a statement. Glitter always gives a wow factor, but this is a minimalist design with a twist, letting you wear it all year round and not just during the festive seasons. It is easy to recreate at home using a makeup sponge and exceptionally versatile. Paint the nails in purple and finished it with dark purple glitter. Feel good and beautiful in your simple nails. 

Purple glitter ombre

Circle ombre

A twist to the usual ombre style. It is more like creating a triple ombre. On a sponge paint the top and bottom in purple and the middle section in white. Then paint your nails as your do for an ombre effect. Finish off with a glitter topcoat add extra shine. You can also use stones or stickers to enhance the look. 

Circle ombre

Pretty Pink Purple 

For a modern approach, try this purple and pink ombre nail art. One featuring nail is the new popular trend. What a classic nail color scheme that is professional and casual both.  To complete your look, wear your polish with pink lipstick and accessories.

Pretty Pink Purple 

Orange and Purple ombre

The gradient nail effect is truly eye-catching and stunning. Purple and orange are two contrasts that are most worn during Halloween nights. Don’t limit your nails for occasions, when a beautiful and classic ombre like these can be matched up with any dress and all year round. 

Orange and Purple ombre 

Green and purple ombre

Here’s a simple way to take the purple theme color and elevate it just a bit with a new green. The green balances the purple shade and turns out to be something neatly divided and elegant. You can also use stickers or nail wrap to boost your nail art. 

Green and purple ombre

Source: ladysmithnails

Baby purple and Sea Green

Are you a fan of smooth and calming tones? Then this nail design is just right for you. This subtle green and purple ombre nail look is absolutely endless. One of the most simple nail designs on this list. Add a glossy top coat to seal the contents. 

Baby purple and Sea Green

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