25 Red Nails with Glitter

red nails with glitter

Red is a universal color as it is classy and upgrades your style statement. Glitter always adds beauty to the nails and it’s one of the stylish ways to get your nails done.  So, here’s the list of the best glitter nail polishes to glitz up your beauty routine.


Long Red Glittery Nails


Long Red Glittery Nails

Want to get some trendy nail art.  Different and unique red glitter designs with a mix of white and black colors will surely make the day. The red and black combination on the ring is absolutely making the nail art more lively and elegant. 


Fall Red Glitter Nail Design


Fall red glitter nail art


Clean, classy, and lively nail art with red, green color, and glitter combination. Apply the red nail polish to the first two fingers and give it a unique taste by using a green shade on the little finger. the scene of fall on the ringer with glitter will give a fun and fall vibe. 

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Matte Red with gold Glitter 


Matte red with gold glitter

Source: urbanmermaidnails

A unique nail design for daily use. A combination of matte red and navy blue color polish along with golden glitter and a matching dress can go with casual days. Also, a great option for parties 

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Reddish Nails with silver and Gold Glitter


Reddish nail design with silver and gold glitter

Source: vickythenailgirl

With summer coming, coral is always the favorite choice for nail art. Coral is a vibrant color and the glitter that compliments the color are silver and gold. Try this design by applying coral on two fingers and with silver and gold on each finger. Add this design to your list for various functions like parties, weddings, and much more. 


Fine Glitter Nail Design


Deep red with fine glitter nail design

Source: trulymynails

Style your long with this amazing nail art. Goes well with all ages and definitely a masterpiece for Christmas or valentine. Apart from the deep red color, chunky glitter is used to highlight the design. Give you a classy and elegant look. 


Red Glitter with Wild Roses


Red Glitter with wild roses

Source: d_minornails

If you want to try some unique patterns then this red Glitter nail art is for you. Rose Red color with white color complementing the wild roses can be the nail pattern for the occasion. This combo will outshine the rest in the room


Red French Tips 


French tip with red shades

Source: nails_sladjaamovic

Different red glitter shades and a peach color on the ring finger with French tip on top in red color can also be a good choice for these coming parties and function like a valentine. You can also opt for white color if peach color is missing. Enjoy the limelight with this trendy nail art. 

Sparkle Gold Glitter with a Heart


Gold glitter with a Heart

Source: ugradnja_noktiju_osijek

Going on a date? Then this masterpiece is just for you. Gold sparkle always complements the red color, try this red color nail design with a cute heart on the ring finger. A fabulous and classy design that goes with most of the dresses. 


Acrylic Red Glitter Nail Design


Acrylic red glitter nail design

Source: _nailsbycaro

Love acrylic nails? Why not top it off with some glitter! Pull off up your basic red shade nail paint nail with a clear or complementary glitter nail polish. Additionally, complimentary stones will make it more attractive. This a great throughout the year. 


Bright Red with Gold Accent


Bright red with gold glitter

Source: mahdieh.nail

The red color is classy and elegant. This nail art will surely brighten up your overall look.  the use of gold glitter on the tips adds a nice element to the base. Wear complimentary jewelry to highlight the design. 


Red and Peach Glitter Nail Art


Red and peach Glitter nail art

Source: new_nails_rita

This glitter nail requires a clean approach by applying stones that compliments the designs. it’s the combination of fine reddish glitter, stones, and peach color, the creative design has something unique that attracts a lot of people. On special occasions, you can try this out with a matching dress or something different.  


Flower Art with Red french Tips


flower art with red french tips

Source: alnisnails

In fall, you want something lively for your nails. Why not try this amazing and beautiful flower nail art. Complete your manicured nails with red glitter French tips. This creative and fresh design can be done in another color also. It’s cute and goes with casual outfits as well. 


Classic Red Glitter Nail Art


Classic Red Glitter nail art

Source: nailsbyjennifer89

Simple and at the same time elegant classy nail design will surely boost your confidence among a group of many. Peach color adds more richness to the Design, the two rectangular strips with red and gold glitter complementing the creative art. It’s simple that’s why can be used in any event.  


Sparkling Red Nails


Sparkling Red Nails

Source: jelena.nails

Simple yet sparkling nail art with a combination of two different colors red and dark peach. The silver and redlining along with stones on peach color is the uniqueness of this nail art. Try out this fresh and clean reddish glitter design in your nails. 


Mix Glitter Trend


Mixture Glitter Trend

Source: karsnailroom

This glitter nail art is the easiest to do. Nail design that can be done in a few minutes without any help and not forget that it looks perfect at any time of the year. The base lightest version of peach color and paint the glitters of mixed at edges will give a fashionable vibe. Try this out once on your long nails. 


Red and White Magic


Red and White Magic

Source: didigafton

Winter means the magic of red and white all you can see. Red and white are mostly the winter colors but you can try them at your own wish. The red and yellow glitter in two fingers on base white with red french tips on each finger is amazing. Definitely, a good choice as it is cute and trendy at the time. 


Sketch and Red Glitter Nails


Sketch and Red Glitter Nails

Source: originalsnails7

Creativity at another level, sketch on white base with red glitter the reason for its attractiveness. The nail art industry has evolved and this mixture of different design in one single nail art is proof. How about you choose it for the next occasion? 


Silver Flames + Glitter Edges


Silver Flames with glitter edges

Source: just_for_me_nails

This design will give you Christmas vibes. Simple nail art and less effortless makes it the choice for many. Red or green Glitter on the tips of each finger and the silver Flames with white outlining gives you masterpiece nail art in just seconds. You can also just use a red color that can be good for valentine’s day too. Do try it. 

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Party Glitter Nails


Party Glitter Nails

Source: latestbeautyfashion

Looking for something that suits your persona? How about this nail art? Isn’t it amazing? The right combination of glitter and matte nail polish. The sparkle are distributed evenly which are making it more unique and attractive. The glitter and sparkle combination makes it perfect for any festival. 


Matte and glitter Art 


Matte and glitter Art 

Source: thebabecavex0

Enjoy the fall vibes and summer with this beautiful set of matte and glitter art. Brown reddish is used for the base with a unique use of shining red glitter in one finger. Matte nail paint, peach color, and glitter combined together give a classy feel. 


Red Glitter Flames


Red Glitter Flames

Source: luuguerreroamador

The flame magic is here nails are pink and two nails clear with black leaves make the perfect look for any season. That black and white leaves are slick as heck. The textured gold foil glitter accent nail is gorgeous, and the gold beads on the pink base nails are just right.


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