20 Cute Red Swirl Nails Design

red Swirl nails

Red is the color of the season. Christmas or valentines Day, red is always the brightest and sassiest color to wear. Red makes you more confident and bold in a good way. I love red nails, and I have found so many nail art designs in different red shades. 


Keeping up my red love in outfits and nails, I thought of sharing some nail designs that are easier to create at home. And you know what red swirl nails are the easiest you can start with. Here are beautiful red nail designs to help you get a little inspiration to do it by yourself. 


Minnie Swirls


minnie red swirl nails

Source: nimalisticnails

Do you really want to create some cute nails ideas? It’s no better than giving these red Minnie swirls a try. Start by applying a pink base, using a thin brush create swirls with red and give it an outline of black. Don’t forget to create white Minnie dots. 

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Candy canes


candy cane red swirl nails

Source: nailitmedia

These white and red candy swirls remind me of the Christmas theme. But you wear them any time of the year. In this winter season, it serves as a favorite winter treat. The easiest swirls you can do by yourself at your home. 


Red swirls on Pink Base


red swirls

Source: beautyby.clare

Pinks nails with red swirls, doesn’t it look classy? For me, it’s the best way to match these identical colors in nails. These freehand swirls only need a still hand to accomplish. 


Classy swirls


red and white swirls

Source: nail.art.by.tea

For those who love minimalist and simple nails, this design is just for you. You can choose only red or with another shade of your choice. Simple, classic red nails get a luxe upgrade with this creative nail art design. 


Peachy and Red Swirl Nails


red swirl nails

Source: glowbygracee

Your long almond nails need something new more now. These red swirls with a streak of peach shades make it ideal to be worn at any time of the year. No fuss, just-style. 


Bright Swirls


bright red swirl nails

Source: beauty_by_chan

Creating some twists with swirl art. It’s a whole bright look for the summer. Three-color swirls make it extremely unique and dynamic. 


Elegant Cherry Vertical Swirls


elegant red swirl nails

Source: lauren__opal

You get an edgy but minimal manicure in this dark cherry shade. Keep the red bright and fun for a beautiful and classy design. Long, red square nails with glitter accents are one kind of manicure that is stylish and elegant.

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Complimentary Warm Swirls 


red and yellow nails

Source: bnnynails

When warm colors combine, on one hand, the result is absolutely lively. Are you ready to break old and create new? Take inspiration from this exclusive set of warm nails vibes. 


Cute Love Swirls


cute red swirl nails
Source: bygrace.salon_wolverhampton

A combination of red, white, and pink reflects unconditional love and understanding. Give it a fun little twist in swirls art. An adorable red, sweet pink and peaceful white is the super fun and cute. 


Rainbow swirls


rainbow red swirls

Source: nailsbykirsten

These rainbow swirl nails are another popular trend of the season. To celebrate the colors of all seasons, paint your nails with the same. Flowery, plaid and swirls is enough to style in spring vibes. 


Candy Swirly Tips


candy swirly tips

Source: tipsnailbar

There’s something so alluring about these handy tips. A design that looks too girly and stylish. Upgrade the regular candy design with a little hint of glitter. And you are ready to rock the party tonight! 


Red sparkle Swirls


glitter and red swirl nails
Source: gemma_c_labellenails

Are you looking to make red more bright and shine like anything? Try some glitter art on your nails. The perfect and everlasting silvery glitter swirls give the usual red nails a bold and sassy look. 


Dark Red swirls


dark red swirl nails

Source: nails_by_emilie

Give your short nails a simple and minimal love of red swirls. All you need is one color to draw these thick swirls. A few minutes and your nails are done without any extra cost. Because sometimes being by yourself is all you want. 


Festive Swirl Nails


festive red swirl nails

Source: vwnails_

Red is the color of Christmas. Of course, you want your Christmas nails to match Christmas Eve. Here’s the way to give a classic swirl with red, gold, and silver detail.


Matte Swirly Tips


matte red swirls

Source: polishslayer

Clean, sophisticated matte look, and upon that is the swirly French tips. This nail design is one of the most sorted in red swirl nails. Apply a nude matte base and create the swirls using a thin brush. Apply a matte top coat if want to make everything uniform. 


Glittery Red swirls


glitter red swirls

Source: inez.j_nails_lublin

Let your red swirl have a shine and light of its own. Not just a top coat, create with a red glitter polish the artistic swirls. If you’re a legit artist, put your gold paint and a thin brush to work.


Red nails with Gold Swirls

gold swirls

Source: acnailconcept

Make your red nail instantly more glamorous with a glitter accent. Start with a red bright base and then paint your swirls in gold. Let dry and finish with a glossy topcoat. 


Valentine Swirls


valentine swirls
Source: aminas_nailart

Do you know how valentine swirls look like? Pink, red, and maroon is the cute colors of Valentine’s day. And on this special day, dress pretty and look stunning in these red swirl nails. 


Red and Blue Nails

red and blue swirl nails

Source: inez_aganails

Not red, but still bright and bold. This new artistic combo of blue and red really makes a statement. Prepare some casual styles for casual days. Accessorize with gold stacked rings, and you’re ready for the weekend. 

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Party Swirl nails


party swirl nails

Source: meraki_nails_cardiff

Give the swirl a twirl! Rock the party in this beautiful set of shining and gorgeous glitter nails with swirls. Let everyone wonder how you keep everything floating so effortlessly. Only your nails will know.

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