Should You Push Back Your Cuticles

Should You Push Back Your Cuticles

Having the best skincare routine is a blessing. Where everyone cares about their career, leaving or neglecting health is just a bad idea. Maintaining both is not easy but other than that you don’t have an option. The beauty industry has evolved over the years trying to make a mark on the world with its new technological advancements and research. There is no denying the fact people go over the beauty secrets of celebs. Why? Well, you have an answer for the same. But is it necessary to spend large bucks on this beauty secret? The answer is a big NO. All you need to follow a proper routine which most celebs Do talk about. Even a little change Is enough to see the results.

Staring with nails, Do you clean your nails every day, do you follow a routine to keep them healthy. What about cuticles? Do you cut them often or go with it and neglect them? In this article, we dig deep into how to take care of your cuticles and answer the most common questions. 

What are cuticles


Cuticles are white layers of dead skin around the edge of nails. It’s a thin layer that grows over time and protects your nails from various infections. In Fact, it’s a junction where if left open for some time can be a problem.  

While the opinions about cuticle cutting are mixed. Many beauticians believe it’s okay to remove extra cuticles while others argue against it. They say the cutting helps them to paint a perfect nails polish. While the review that the researcher says is different. 

Let’s see this in detail. 

Should You Push Back Your Cuticles


Should you cut your cuticles or push them Back

Should you cut your cuticles or push them back? No, cutting your cuticles is not an option. Cutting cuticles means we are disturbing the natural process of the skin. If cut then the dirt and other toxic substances may enter through the thin layer of nails. Causing many infections like redness, irritation, swelling, etc. In addition, cutting cuticles promotes overgrowth. 

While there are some cuticle removers available to make things easy. And some use it to remove cuticles. Even you use them follow a procedure for safety reasons. The other way most of the experts suggest pushing cuticles back. 

Step1 Soak your hand in the water for 10 to 15 min. This will make the cuticles to be soft. And won’t be a painful process when removing

Step2. Soak your hands with a clean towel.  

Step3. Now remove the overgrowth cuticles with cuticles removers. 

Tip: Prefer acetone-free cuticles removers. 


How often should you push back your cuticles?


Often it is recommended to push the cuticles twice a week. Like our nails grow, so do the cuticles. Pushing cuticles is a healthy habit and allows nails to look cleaner. There are some who don’t even push them or cut them ever. And we have seen their cuticles overgrew and thus making them grow over the proximal fold that makes the cuticles dry. 

The cuticles stick to the nail plate and if tried to get them off it’s a painful process. To avoid overgrowth of cuticles pushes them every once in a while.

Tip: Push the cuticles when soft


Can you push your cuticles back too far?


Pushing back cuticles is recommended by everyone. Another related question is can you push cuticles back too far? And the answer is a big No. Even if you’re going to saloon, ask them to don’t push too far. When you release the grip, your proximal fold is able to stay nice and tight. As long as you don’t push too hard with your fingernail, the healthy seal under the eponychium stays intact, and your matrix stays healthy.

You don’t ever want to push so hard that your fingernail or tool goes under the proximal fold.

Is pushing back your cuticles bad


Absolutely not, pushing back your cuticles is recommended by every Beauty expert. Rather than cutting the cuticles, they prefer pushing back them. Why do people prefer pushing back rather than cutting them? The reason behind this is that the cuticles if cut there can be some issues like

Redness: the cutting of cuticles causes the area around the nails to be read as the grip between eponychium and the proximal fold loosens and thus affecting the area. 

Swelling: the cutting can be painful and sometimes the layer means the shield that actually protects the dirt and other pollutants is drifted apart causing the area around the nails to swell. 

Irritation: as most of us don’t have the habit of cutting them, therefore sometimes it can lead to irritation.

Infection: you might have guessed by now. What if the area around the nail’s edges is being cut the protective layer gets lost and leading to most of the infection enter the in the body through that opening. 

While some at beauty salons do cut the cuticles but with proper precautions and they do it so that the only Excessive growth of cuticles are being cut. 

Why do manicurists push your cuticles back?


Why do manicurists push your cuticles back

Pushing cuticles is a great deal why? There are a handful of reasons for pushing the cuticles back.  The negligence of nail care can lead to infections and other related issues as mentioned above. 

Cleanliness: it’s obvious that you need to keep the hands neat and clean as most of the work is done by hands. And cuticles need to be pushed back regularly to avoid any itching, irritation, and infection. 

Overgrowth: overgrowth of cuticles is when the layer of skin spreads itself beyond a certain limit means proximal fold.  And cover your nail plate. Neglecting is not an option, and of course, you need to push it back. Why though? Because the overgrown cuticles split themselves from the eponymous. Contributing to trigger an infection as of now the bacteria infections can enter your nail bed causing many health problems. 

Nail art: the manicurist pushes the cuticles to have clean nail paint designs. With cuticles, the nail paint looks odd. 


Do cuticles grow back?


Yes, cuticles grow back. You might have seen that if you don’t work on nails then the layer of cuticles covers the nail bed. As you can see in the picture. Push back them twice a week. They also need proper care as our other parts of the body like hair, face. Well, we always cut our nails for cleanliness purposes that why not push cuticles with them. While taking shower when the cuticles are soft push them back. 

Cuticle care routine


Now we have discussed cuticles. It’s time to see what is routine to maintain healthy cuticles. Some people say that the cuticles get splits on their own but for some, they are so tightly gripped together that it might a little painful for them to remove them. 

Healthy cuticles: healthy cuticles are those that are not exceeding the proximal fold. And does not splits and acts as a shield against various infections and dirt. 

Unhealthy cuticles: Unhealthy cuticles on the other hand are those that are overgrown and split at the ends making a way to bacterial infections. They also get dry when overgrown and affects the area around the nail edge. 

Wash the cuticles thoroughly: There is no need to stress this. As we do always wash hands. So, try to remove the dirt around the areas of nails both fingernails and toenails. 

Don’t let the cuticles dry out: The overgrown cuticles after some time get dry. Avoid it and do a proper push with your nails gently. Or you can try any of the tools available for the same.

Prefer a manicurist if not handled by yourself. If it’s your first timing pushing cuticles then go to the beauty salon to make it a smooth process. Alright, we have discussed all the related questions about the cuticles. And how they need to be taken care of. Add it to the beauty secret routine to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 


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