30 Simple Valentines Day Nails

Simple valentines day nails

Get ready to fall in love in the most romantic time of year with your partner. Give yourself an excuse to swap the old Christmas and New years eve nails with simple valentines day nails. Introduce some new trends in nail art that are super cute and flattery. If you are looking to go beyond the glitter and think of something that is simple and alluring, here’s what I have gathered for you. 


These nail designs are easy to create and some even at your own home. Save your time and concentrate more on making sweet memories for a lifetime. 


Simple pink Tips

Are you someone who is looking for minimalistic designs that makes an impact? There is nothing much better than classic double French tips. Pink and red tips are complimenting as the season’s most loved colors. After so much extra on Christmas and New years, you can give your nails a little rest with this simple valentines day nails art.

simple pink valentine day nails

Source: amyle.nails

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Subtle White Nails With Gold Accent

White is such an evergreen color that fits right at any time. Thinking of what goes best with your red dress, absolutely white nails like this. Just paint your all nails with your favorite white regular polish and give a hint of gold accent to add oomph to your date night. 

white nails for Valenitne day

Source: wemakebeautyshop

Pretty Pink And White


pink white valentine day nails

Source: nailsbymol_

While all the fingertips flaunt a subtle shade of pink, the combination of white and little heart on the ring finger spells out your creativity. This one is perfect for the ladies who want to be festive without going over the top. With white on one finger, add the topcoat glitter that makes this simple style outstand. 


Glossy Black Nails


simple black nails for valentines day

Source: havennails_beautyspa

Black is bold. Wear it simple or create a heart on the ring finger to match the Valentine’s Day vibe. The real glam is not always in the glitter but in the color. And nothing beats the power and attitude when you wear black with confidence. Red dress and black nails are an ideal combo for the day! 


Black Pink Stripes


black pink simple valentines day nails

Source: nailsbyheathere

If you really want to play simply with your nails. Try doing with two tones. These black pink stripes with a heart in the middle are complement Valentine’s Day. Shot nails or long, it will take a maximum of 10-12 minutes to copy this on your fingers. Try pairing other tones instead. 


Matte Black Love


simple black valentines nails

Source: euphoria_salon_utah

How about this simple matte black love? When everything goes out of your mind, go for black. It doesn’t let you down even on Valentine’s Day. Add a little oomph with xoxo letters and a cute little red heart in the ring finger using a thin brush. 


Matte Red For Valentine’s Day


matte red nails

Source: dudkevich_olga

Nothing is more simple than painting your nails in red for Valentine’s day. After all, it’s the color of the season, there’s no better way than red to make a statement. Show your creative side with black line art in two fingers. Just hold your hand with focus to draw the lines. 


Diamond Heart


red nails for valentines day

Source: kustomklaws.au

Love is in the air! And let’s capture some on our nails too. Give your new a whole new red look. To let your nails scream love, design a heart using stones or glitter. Keep it simple, elegant, and sparkly! 


Yellow Ombre with all Hearts


yellow simple valentines day nails

Source: tanvivaylla

Do you really want to take your next to the next level? Try this bright yellow, white and red fresh color combo for this Valentine’s Day. It gives a whole new dimension and lifts your nails. On the top little red hearts can be made with a brush or stickers. Easy and appealing designs of 2022.


Blue and Pink Nails


pastel nails for valentines day

Source: melsgelnails

If red isn’t your thing, then this soft pink and blue will definitely become your choice.  Two nails with blue and pink and others collecting all the love is a nice twist to the traditional red nails designs. Soft, girlish, and cute nail art to try on Valentine’s day. 


Two-Toned Nails


red and pink valentines day nails

Source: luminosalove

When we talk of two tones we think of only ombre nails. this one is a bit different. This nail design shows how you can combine two bright tones red and pink on one nail without going for ombre. Simple and eye-popping nail design that will your time and money for the season. 


Yellow and Purple Nails


yellow and purple nails

Source: lavishtouchnails

I really find this nail design very impressive. Instead of going with all sane colors, why not create a twist of different colors. Yellow and purple compliment each other making an extraordinary combo. Make it more festive by using heart stickers on the purple nail. Are you ready for the party now! 


Heart Tips


heart tips

Source: nailhart_

Heart tips are the most popular and common nail design that comes into mind when we think of Valentine’s Day. It doesn’t require any skill to accomplish and above that, it just fits right for the day. Make these heart tips more enduring with different colors. Easy to create and wear with all outfits. 


White Nails with black lines


white valentines day nails

Source: shade9salon

How cute are these white nails? White is my favorite hue. I love to wear it on Christmas, the hot summer day, and now on Valentine’s day too. Ahh! I can’t get enough of this nail color. Anyways, make it look gorgeous with a little handmade design on the ring finger! 


Pretty pink Nails


pink valentines day nails

Source: by_lilyhorrocks

Here’s something that’s meant for all the glam and glitter lovers. Thinking of ways how to style your favorite pink for Valentine’s Day. A twist of red on the cuticles, plus, the gorgeous touch of glitter used to add some more definition to the design makes it just perfect for that day you are waiting for.


XOXO Valentine nails


xoxo valentines day nails

Source: theholynailuk

Pretty pink nails are perfect for the season. This nail inspiration is going to adorn your tips with red little heart and xoxo letters on your fingertips. Choose one as the one odd out, in glitter that’s draws attention to your hands. Wear rings and bracelets to create an elegant and classy look. 


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Black Hearts


black hearts nails for valentines day

Source: _by_shelley

Create a simple and soft look in Marshmellow, white and black hues. The base brings out soft and cute vibes, the white stroke in the middle highlights this cool shade and black hearts make it more flattery and girly. 


Baby Pink Valentine Nails


baby pink valentines day nails

Source: nailsclubhp

This next pink simple valentines nails art design is so lovely and pretty. The nail art features soft baby pink and a big heart on one finger that completes the nails. Pink valentines day nails such as these are so charming and I am sure your date will think so too.


Orange and Black


hot pink and black nails

Source: ubeauti_bh

Give your nails some twist with bright orange. It is one of the best times to wear bright shades. This design goes beyond just Valentine’s. It will be a perfect summer design. I love the ways the colors are used. Black on one finger, white on the ring, and the rest have a bright orange shade. 


Pink Polka dot


pink polka dots

Source: izabellabeauty

Don’t feel like going all red? Add a bit of contrast with a bright and nay pink hue. On the top create simple dots in freehand. At first, it will take some time but you will do it like pro after 3-4 times of practice. The color instantly adds a modern touch to your look.


Chevron Nails Art


chevron nails for valentines day nails

Source: raechelsnails

This cute and almost punk-ish design is perfect for any event. Upgrade your mani style at home. Create the beautiful Chevron nail art with two fingers and fill it in with different colors. Finish it with a thin outline of glitter. It instantly pops out the whole nail design. 


Lilac Devotion


lilac nails for valentines day

Source: thehotblend

Lilac has become the most popular color for the previous and the predictions are it will dominate in 2022. For simple valentines day nails, art like this is just fab! I’m in love with this lilac hue with a gold accent. What about you? To accomplish this nail design, apply a nude base and create lovely purple hearts. Position them differently and add a golden accent. 


Baby Pink French


baby pink french tips

Source: gelsbybry

Prepare yourself for the day in this lovely pink set. This cute nail design is all about love and positive vibes. The heart on one finger and the heart ring on the middle finger are the real showstoppers. Wear your feelings this valentines day! 


Fresh Matte Swirls 


swirl nails for valentines day

Source: katrinamarieee

Something I love about matte is that it looks neat and sophisticated. Matte pink base and swirls on the top might look no new but it is the most versatile nail art that is easy to be worn with all types of outfits. 

Red swirls nails every year and every where.

Purple Ribbon Design


purple ribbon nails

Source: paolajpais

Another one in purple! When simple valentines nails look more appealing than nails with diamonds. Elevate it just a bit in ribbon art. That gold line punches above its weight and turns a blinding one-color nail into something neatly divided and elegant. 


Copper Glam


copper glam nails for valentines day

Source: jessica_beauvisage_nailartist

If you want your nails to speak for you, just think of this design. The copper nail polish looks absolutely stunning and glamorous. Pick this valentines Day a simple and lux look! 


Blue Swirls


blue swirls for valentines day

Source: magnificientnails

Why think only red and pink when you can create new with blue. Just paint your base in matte nude and take two contrasting blues. With a thin brush draw the swirls. Once the color is completely dry, finish the look with a clear topcoat.


Negative space


negative space valentine nails

Source: torimnails

Love these tri-color negative spaces. The best part I love about these types of designs is that they look professional as well as match the festive. If you want to keep your simple valentines nails for long, give this look a try. You can also play with colors of your choice. 


Green Cat Eye


green cat eye nails

Source: checkyesmichelle

The new moon battle for Valentine’s Day is unique and complementary to your red or black dress. Love the green base and chrome finish lifting up the nails level. 

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Caramel and Creamy Nails


sweet and warm nails

Source: redcarpetnailboutique

The sweet and warming hue for Valentine’s Day. This nail art though looks simple yet includes everything from colors contrasts to glitter shine. For ladies who want to maintain their luxe and class! 


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