Taylor Swift Beauty Secrets

taylor Swift beauty secrets

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Taylor Swift is an American singer and songwriter who gained immense popularity at the age of just 23. From her first music album that was a great hit, you belong with me and love story the singer is constantly running on a new road of success. Her list of awards proves it all how much the singer has worked to be the biggest music sensation of the 21st century. Her long list starts from the prestigious Grammy Award with 3 wins. Followed by an Emmy Award, two Brit Awards, 11 MTV Video Music Awards, 12 Country Music Association Awards, 25 Billboard Music Awards, 32 American Music Awards (the most wins for any artist), and 49 Guinness World Records. In 2019 she ranked eighth on Billboard’s Greatest of All Time Artists Chart. There’s no denying she has turned the tables within the passage of time.

Not only has Swift been giving hits after hits this decade, but her beauty, her loving personality, and her stunning looks have made her fans eager to know about her natural glow. All of us love how Swift manages to continuously surprise with her beauty choices. In her recent interviews, Taylor has opened up with concern for skin care and how she actually manages time for her body and skin. Swift has a box of beauty secrets and here’s all that we have grabbed from her skincare routine to the products she loves the most. 


Taylor Swift Skincare

Swift told Elle about how her point of view changed to get better skin. She realized it when in her teen years she would sleep in her makeup and how difficult was it to cop with the aftermath. She recommends nobody to do. She has now been more careful about her body and beauty image. Not only she has to represent her music but for herself. Now Swift has a skincare routine for the morning and nighttime which she follows from her whole heart. 


Morning skincare routine


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Facial scrubs

Her day starts with a gentle wash with water. She told, how much she cares about the morning tiredness, and to overcome it she uses facial cleansers. There is no clear mention of the special cleanser she uses. But Swift revealed about the facial scrubs which she uses occasionally. The best scrubs according to Swift are from Bliss Micro Magic. And she adores the product for it is very smooth on her skin. Swift invests in gentle products and this one is good though, I usually forget to use it. 


Night cream

The one thing Taylor never skips is her all-time favorite Kate Summerville night cream. She applies it daily in the morning before putting on her makeup. Well, there are benefits of moisturizing and no one can unsee it. Soft and smooth skin is all the result of regular hydration and care. And there’s nothing better than a fully loaded night cream. Taylor Swift, “All I can say is I love this so much on my face and hands. It creates the best base on which I can use makeup carefree.”



Taylor applies Body shop coconut Body Butter on her skin to avoid winter dryness and uses it all season to maintain the skin texture. Her flawless skin and gorgeous looks are something we all dream of. Being so popular and successful, Taylor is inclined into basic beauty roots and she is straight about it. That makes her so unique and confident from other well-known personalities. Taylor, I love you!! 


Vitamin Serums

Swift mentioned the importance of vitamins in making her glow. In her recent Instagram post during the lockdown, she posted a rare bare face that showed her natural face. And to my surprise, it’s not the makeup that makes her glow. She has really worked for it. There is no information about her serums and facial oils but definitely, she will be using some. Here’s my personal favorite list if you want to consider it: SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic, Maelove Glow Maker, Drunk Elephant C-Firma™ Day Serum, SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF.


For lips, Taylor keeps it simple with any good balm-like Kosasport LipFuel Hyaluronic Lip Balm. She wants to layer the lips with something that provides hydration and prevents them from being chapped. So before putting on her lipstick she applies a lip balm. Also, the winter season comes with lots of dryness, so having lip care is essential, said Taylor. 



Taylor always wears sunscreen before stepping out in the sun. The one she used is Elta MD UV clear facial sunscreen SPF 46. Talking about sunscreen it’s important and recommend for everyone. Sunblock is a must to protect the skin from problems caused due to sun exposure. Whether it’s rainy, cloudy, or winter sunscreen with a good SPF is one of the modern-day needs. 


Nighttime skincare routine

The singer’s nighttime skin care is not very long. She is confined and tired at the end of the day. So her nighttime skincare is focused on cleaning and nourishing. 


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Makeup remover pads

To remove all her makeup Swift use regular makeup remover pads. She finds herself stuck with makeup at night and often sleeps in with it. So she quickly grabs the pads and wipes it all before she gets to sleep. In recent years she has changed her bad habits and usually prefers a shower before her skincare. 


Night cream and body lotion

A night cream is my all-time go tos. It’s something that is easy and healthy. Taylor revealed her love for Kate Summerville’s brand. Speaking to allure she said, “I take my contacts out, wash my face, put on night cream, and put on my glasses so I can watch Friends.” For her body, she used Body Shop coconut Butter body


Taylor Swift Makeup Secrets


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Taylor Swift has smooth, clear skin and doesn’t go with huge makeup. Her skin is pale and she is confident with it. Like many other celebrities who go tan, Taylor avoids it. All her makeup has been inspired by her mother. Her mother shared some of the makeup essentials that make up every girl and gave it the term ‘artistic expression’. Taylor followed her approach in a regular makeup routine that includes eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, a lash curler, natural brown eye shadows. 


She went to reveal how much she loves red. Whenever she gets stuck with different colors and even gets tired of makeup, she just applies Covergirl Lip Perfection Lipstick in Hot. Most of her red carpet styles are in bright red color. Red is a very bright color, of course, Taylor knows how to get along with its shine. And She has got a secret of applying it. She blots the red lipstick with a tissue and puts powder on it and presses the tissue on the lips. 



Taylor’s signature eye makeup is the cat-eyed. Liquid eyeliner is something she can’t live without. Her most recent eyeliner is Sharpie which was a quick hand during her visit to Japan. Moving to her eyeshadow, she believes that the eyeshadows are to be chosen in combination with her dress. A few retro beauty essentials: Bobbi Brown Smoky Eye Kajal Eyeliner ($24), T3 Tourmaline Hot Rollers ($119), and Nars Matte Lip Pencil in Dragon Girl ($25).



For her face, Taylor said she doesn’t like lots of makeup and also wishes to get it quickly done. She doesn’t want to spend that much on getting ready. “In fact, just a bit of MAC Studio Tech NW20 Foundation will do, blending water, emollients, and powder to create a “fresh, flawless texture.”




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The singer is popular for her different hair experiments. Her natural hair is curly and during her shows and events she would curl to make it look more stylish and Taylor’s way. One secret of Taylor Swift’s hair is she never dyed them and has a lot to do with hair cuts. She is afraid of hair getting damaged due to the use of chemicals. For any regular day with no work, she prefers to braid or a simple bun and just move freely. 


Above all, we cannot overlook how dedicated and focused Taylor is towards her workout and diet. 

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