40 Valentine French Nails Ideas

valentine day nails

Valentine’s Day is a few days to go and with that stores and shops are flooded with gift ideas to surprise your beloved. Along with that, the most visited place is the nearest salon to get ready for love season.

After all, Valentine’s Day is the best rums to bust out that bold red nail polish. There are unlimited options to try with red nail pain from the old loved red heart shapes, glitter nails, red aesthetic nails, and so on. The one that attracts most of us elegantly is the standard French manicure. It definitely creates a perfectly clean and classy look which is favored for many occasions. And above that, there are so many ways to style the traditional French tips


So, If you are among those who are looking for french tips nails, here’s are some beautiful and versatile french manicure ideas for Valentine’s day. 


Red Heart Tips


valentine french nails red

Source: pegah.nailbar

It’s valentine’s day and there is nothing better than red heart French tips. This is a rather simple design covered in beautiful red hearts. Start by painting your nails with a nude polish, and then create the heart tips with a free hand if you can or use the stencil to make. Coat the nails with a shiny topcoat to add extra shine. 


White Chevron Tips


valentine french nails art

Source: nails_by_hedi

This red and white combo is the perfect nail art for Valentine’s day. The red glitter on the index finger and cute little red hearts created an everlasting valentine vibe. 


Glitter Valentine Nails


valentine french nails glitter
Source: staver.alina.nails

What’s better than a glitter French mani? It doesn’t get too bold and not so boring. If you want something classy and elegant nail design, you would never go wrong with the above. 


Black French tips


leopard nails for valentine

Source: magnificientnails

Who said red is the only color for Valentine. It’s time to add some color twists. Go with fun black French tips and animal print with a shiny base that still looks simple with a bit of edge. 


Yellow French Tips


yellow nail for valentines day
Source: magnificientnails

These magnificent yellow valentine french nails are the brightest on this list. Don’t feel yellow this Valentine’s Day, wear it instead. Accomplish this color block French tips with the healp of nail tape and a few shades of red, blue, and purple. 


Ivory French Nails


french nail ideas for valentines day

Source: lushnailsalonspa

Nude or ivory shade, this French nail art is extremely simple and chic. Why choose red when you can rock in neutral shades too? For low-maintenance art lovers, there is no better choice than a timeless manicure. 


Black Heart Nails


balck nails for valentine day

Source: beautyhaven_byjodie

These black heart shapes are a twist to the red hearts. You can also play with more colors here. Create monochrome or colorful hearts. You can also add some stones and glitter to take the valentine french nails to next level. 


Black And White French Nails


valentine french nails ideas

Source: naillounge

Here is the better way to create a twist to French manicure. If I call it French line art, it won’t be wrong. This is truly the aesthetic nail art you can create easily with nail tape at your home. 


Silver French Tips


silver valentine french nails

Source: studiosarina_

These short silvery French nails give extra shine with black. Instead of creating basic black and silver alternative, embrace a silver line or stickers art on the French tips. Let’s do some twink bling! 


Candy Lane Frenchies


colorful valentine nails

Source: nails.by.zo_

Look at these cute colorful French tips. This manicure is a fun flip into the valentine nail art. Mix up red, green and white at the cuticles for a cute color block effect. 


Funky French


funky French nails

Source: leigh_thorne_x

Looking to add some fun to your nails? Try this funky French with different colors and patterns on each nail, this look is nothing if not bright and fun. The cutest nails in the list. 


Lemon French nails


bright nails for valentine day

Source: magnificientnails

If you are looking for really bright and eye-popping colors for valentine’s day, give this look a try. I know it is really opposite to the classic red and black theme, but i bet you will rock in these yellow and green ombre French tips. 


Classy White Frenchies


classic white french tips

Source: anabeanails
There’s no color that can cut the influence of white French tips. This manicure looks extremely elegant and posh. A hint of the shiny top had leveled up the whole white beauty.  Wear it with any outfit and you will always stand out from the rest. 


Cyan Mixed French tips


cyan valentine french tips

Source: ohsoprettyxo

This cutesy design is whimsical and not so easy to achieve. Its color combined is really drawing attention to the hands. For this design, it’s essential to choose colors carefully and look for professional nail artists to do it for you. You can also create this abstract nail art with other colors. 


Gold French almonds


valentine french nails gold

Source: ytz.nailz

This mesmerizing gold French mani Is absolutely stunning and bright. Want to get into the date night or party mood, try this golden accent minimalist nails art for Valentine’s Day. 


Heart nails for Valentine’s Day


heart nails for valentine day

Source: chichinailsspa

Valentine’s Day is filled with love stories, gifts, and lots of hearts and smiles. This nail art is inspired by the valentine love in the brown palette. Instead of stuck with red, give a little French twist in fall nail colors. 


Polka Dot French manicure


polka dots french nails

Source: nailsbysarahmarie
The easiest and cutest design you can try by yourself is the polka dots. It doesn’t need any professional skill, just a couple of minutes and focus. These polka dots with little red heart is appealing to be worn on Valentine’s Day. 


Pink Glitter French tips


Pink valentine french nails

Pink nails are the perfect Valentine’s Day color after all! This striking design with glitter and shining stickers embellished take the standard French tips to the next level. 


Mixed Glitter French Mani


valentine french nails

Source: sparkleupwithkaren

Is there a better time for this manicure than valentine’s? These trendy, stunning shades of gold and silver take the nails to the top-notch. It looks so gorgeous it makes for a delightful surprise when someone notices it.


Sparkly Teal French tips


teal french tips

Source: vannas_salon

The fresh take for valentine french nails in teal is unique and appealing. Give away the old red color and mix up some new color collection with a splash of another shade. 


Purple and Rhinestones French tips 


purple nails for valentine day

Afraid you can’t draw a perfect heart? No worries, this nail art will save your time and effort to stand out in basic French tips. Apply a shiny base on all nails, create purple French tips and highlight with rhinestones on the top. 


Neutral French tips


valentine day french nails

If you don’t want to go over the board with red and glitter shine, keep it natural with neutral shades. Just seal it with a clear topcoat to help it last well past the event. 


Blue Twinkling Tips



blue valentine french tips

Source: blackbox_nailcraft

Blue stars and moon french tips. Well, you can think it won’t fit it to the occasion, don’t worry this nail design is the perfect dreamy manicure. Blue-colored nails, maximum shine, and a hint of sparkle are a stunning combination. 


Cheetah French Mani



valentine french tips animal printSource: pinktablenails

Sassy animal print nail tips top a nude base coat for a cute Valentine’s Day look. All you need is a steady hand- and a thin brush to draw the pop of neon pink for the little edge. You can play with different colors from red, green, and blue shades. 


Pink Frenchies for Valentine Day


pink french tips for valentine

Source: _nailsbylaur

This was a little flirty take for the classic valentine french nails. Take your pink manicure at the top in two light and dark tones. It’s an effortless nail art to incorporate on Valentine’s Day. 


Bright Orange French tips


orange valentine french tips

Source: nailsathomewithalicex

Look at these eye-popping bright orange Frenchies. A crispy, clean, and vibrant look can be easily recreated at your home. Add the touch of glitter and don’t forget the effect of the star or a black heart to outshine among all. 


Green French tips


Green french nails

Source: nailsbyleahsi

For an aesthetic and simple look, the green French manicure has its unique accent. Show off your artistry with sparkle on the ring finger. And hey you are ready to rock for the night out. 


Diamond French tips


diamond french nails

Source: .dannail

These long, glossy, and diamond nails are just meant to give the extra shine. With a clear or nude base, paste the diamond stones with glue and finish with a clear topcoat to seal the embellishments. 


Super Copper French Tips


copper nails ideas

Source: jessica_beauvisage_nailartist
Oh my god! The perfect glam up for Valentine’s Day. This beautiful look is subtle, stylish, and just perfect for something a little different. Paint three fingers entirely in metallic copper, and on other nails create the standard French tips. Finish with a top coat for this gleam and shine!


Velvet French tips


valentines day french nails green

Source: nails_and_soul

This stunning French manicure has a simple twist on the classic look, but one that is oh so effective! I kind of wondered for a few minutes how to do it. You would surely need a professional nail artist to get it down for you. 


Berry Blossom French tips


valentine day nails

Source: _karebeauty_
For a more interesting take on valentine french nails – why not swap the red tips with berry-like? The floral designs look feminine and elegant creating some fresh and blush vibes. Finish with a splash of sparkle coat. 


Negative Space French tips


Silver Black French Tips

Source: sensationails4u

The classic black and silver color combo just fit right for valentine’s day. For the thumb, and little fingers, go for all black style and silver on the index finger. Give a twist to french mani in half silver and half black for the other two fingers creating a lovely pattern.


Pastel French manicure


pastel nails for valentine day

Source: pineapplegelnailss

These pastel nails with a swirling twist just adore our hearts. When you want to keep everything simple and elegant, nothing seems to please you more than these cool and calming pastel colors. Wear your natural shades with confidence every day. 


Glamorous Swirly Tips


swirls tips nail art

Source: manisbyannie

In case you’re looking for a bright and gorgeous French manicure that will make you the showstopper, try this swirly color tips design. Pick three bright colors and glitter and paint in freestyle creating a similar color pattern for all nails. Keep the glitter on top.


Tortie French


animal print nail art

Source: thebeauty_shed

How cute is this tortie French tips with the cute little heart at the cuticles? If you love the animal print, you can still style it and get into the whole valentine’s spirit. One of my favorite on the list and what’s yours? 


Hearts and Swirls


heart nails for valentine

Source: nailedwithlove

You can also mix up the idea of hearts and swirls in French tips. This design will surely inspire you to try it once. Heart on ring finger and swirls on the rest give a gorgeous spin for valentine’s day. Play with colors here! 


Colorful French tips


glitter nails for valentine

Source: a.nails.bell

When nothing comes to your mind, it’s better to go all different on all nails. Get into the celebratory mood and glam up your nails in valentine nails. Each color picks up on the sparkly vibe in the love season. 


Cloudy  French Nails


valentines day nails design

Source: nailskravchyk

Purple and white give your nails a smooth and soft accent. If you are among those who enjoy being alone with your partner leaving the crowd under the sky, this kind of nail art might match your taste. 


Crystal Clear French tips


unique nails for valentine day

Source: nailskravchyk

Conquer the modern trend in French manicure design with these clear nails that are absolutely sensational. Perfect nail art for every outfit you wear for any time of the year. 


Stained Glass Nails


mirror nails

Source: mininaildiary

Your valentine french nails deserve a delicate mirror-based design. The side glitter French tips matched with an artistic mirror effect create a sophisticated look for the party. 

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