40 White Christmas Nails Ideas

The Christmas party is going to start soon. And with that, you must be working to get every inch of your surrounding in the holiday spirit. It’s the time when you find everyone preparing for the best party of the year. Whether it is decorating your home, planning a date out, choosing the outfits, and for girls making their nails. I don’t know about others, but I am very excited to give my nails a whole festive look. A bit of glitz and glamour is generally a get-up to mark the occasion. Deciding on what style and nail art to go is not so easy task. Red, green, blue, and white are the most popular Christmas colors. 


But if you are in a mood to deck yourself from head to toe in whole white glam, we have found some stylish and aesthetic collection of white Christmas nails ideas to wow in this festive season. 


White Marble Nails


white marble nails

Source: naileditby_vee

The purity of white marble is a subtle and classic look for Christmas. This iconic marble print with a dazzling stone makes a wow-worthy statement for any outfit you are going to wear. 


Holographic white nails


holographic white nails

Source: justsparklejoelene

White is a gorgeous hue for all events. Not just Christmas these alternating holographic and glittery white nails can be complemented with a white wedding gown. This is one of the most feminine manicures around. 


White stars and rhinestone


christmas nails

Source: crittella

Stars and stones are not just a tradition for the holiday, but these are the gorgeous ones to add shine to the plain white nails. Level up your white Christmas nails with all you have. You can have more options anything Christmas-related, from stars and snowflakes to candy cane.


Sweater White festival feels


white christmas nails

Source: station105collective

If you have a professional hand, you can do it with sweater nails for Christmas. For a softer, easier-to-wear look, all whites are a fantastic option. Highlight with holidays creative art on the ring fingernail. 


Red and Silver Glitter


white glitter nails
Source: nailjulessalon

Plain whites can become extremely festive with a little touch of odd glitter. Red and silver stripes on one make a statement for short nails. Alternatively, you can add gold and green to the fingernail for a more striking finish.


Christmas tree nail art


white nails christmas tree
Source: nails_by_von

Dreaming of a white Christmas, do it with a little bit of nail art. What better way to get into the festive spirit than by adding an image of a Christmas tree? Cute and symbolic nails for the holiday season. 


Cookies and Sweets


cute christmas nails

Source: ciaobellabeauty_fern

When you just can’t decide on one design just go with them all! Each nail displays its own unique design, from stripes to glitter to candy canes. Select 4 main colors and stick with that palette to make your look feel united.


Grey white Christmas nails


white and grey nails

Source: tami.eade_nailtech

Never has such a simple look feel more festive! The classy combo of grey, white, and silver looks over the top. Soft, luxe, and glittery. These Christmas nails won’t take more than 10 minutes to do. 


Cute Christmas nails


cute nails for christmas

Source: sarah.nails.it

If you are looking for a cuter vibe for your mani, you can’t go wrong with nails like these.. A stunning and versatile choice includes red and brown tones. They are more of revealing your joy and excitement of the holiday spirit. 


Norwegian Christmas nails


artistic white nails
Source: dawns_nail_designs

One way you can stand out in white is the Norwegian pattern. It includes some nice art painted by hand. Here you can see a reindeer and a little tree and the rest of the nails have a complex pattern in red and blue. A glitter topcoat is also used to make it Christmassy. 


Christmas elegance


white christmas party nails

Source: magdalena_naileducato

Call it subtle and elegant or just a pretty one. This green Christmas feels on the white base looks so gorgeous and perfect. Hey pretty lady, Couldn’t be prettier than this. 

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Pink and White Tartan


pink and white chritsmas

Source: classywithchloe

Hand-painted tartans and snowflakes perfectly match up the holiday vibe. Elevate classic white nails with some unexpected hues but with a twist to holiday motif. 

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Inverted Gold French 


white polka dots
Source: magdalena_naileducator

Everywhere just red nails or snowflakes here’s a completely different version of Christmas and new years eve nails. White base and gold French tips at the cuticles. To make it sassier give a twist of black polka dots on the plain white base. 


Abstract nails


white christmas nail art

Source: nodspark

Let your white Christmas nails be more artistic and appealing. Mixing shapes and strokes that are reminiscent of Memphis’ distinct architecture together with muted colors is the perfect set for the woman who wants to feel funky without risking formality. 


Purple Ribbons


white and purple chritsmas

Source: paolajpais

One of the easiest and quickest ways to embrace your short nails. This purple and gold ribbon sort of design look complimenting and creative with white. You can add more stones and gems or keep it uniform as the design. A simple and subtle approach. 


Blue Wavy Touch 


white and blue nails

Source: anii_nails
There is a new better combination with white and blue. Blue nails throw some cool and serene vibes. Pairing it with white makes it a more subtle and soft look. Add gold foil at the end to make it match the party. 

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Purple Glitter Fade


purple glitter and white nails

Source: fahim.nail

Get ready for the Christmas party!  The purple flakes and white make a conversation starter. Going a little sparkly is a must to light up the festive spirit. 


Golden stripes


white and gold christmas nails

Source: a.nails.bell

A more sophisticated way the classic white makes a statement. It’s easy to do with the help of nail tape. This Christmas nails style is minimalist and reflecting. 


Pastel Tips


white pastel tips for christmas

Source: thenailbar.ns

Pastel tips introduce a simple and effective way to style the white Christmas nails. Just grab three to four shades of pastel polish and paint the diagonal tips using nail tape. It’s the easiest way to upgrade your natural nails. 


All White Nails


white christmas nails art

Keep it simple and straight. Because sometimes simple and chic is the way to go for Christmas nails. One stroke of white glossy polish and you are all set for the celebrations.


Black and white Christmas Nails


black and white christmas nails

Source: napaznokciach

Do you love these two ideals? I’m a huge fan of black and white. What about you? Thinking of white nails, a tone of black will make it pop out on the eve. These snowflakes in white and black might look hard to recreate, but it’s actually pretty simple to do with help of a stencil.


Christmas Stars Nails


white christmas nails stars

Source: o_l_a_la_

When you are in a hurry and didn’t think of how you are going to do your nails? Take a little time to look at this easy nail art. Just coat all your nails with white polish and apply the stars in different sizes with glue. And hey, you save some time for your makeup. 


A Little Fancy Christmas 


white fancy christmas nails

Source: chantaljanemakeup

Give your white nails a fancied change. If you are not up to paint this Christmas, these detailed stripes in metallic blue, green, and gold are enough just to level up your nails. 


Silver Glare


white and silver nails

Source: chika_juanail

Sliver base with white French tips. Nail art that is glamorous and a little work. But how pretty these nails look. To recreate it for Christmas, draw white French tips and then fill the area using sliver glitter glaze. 

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White leaves


white leaves christmas nails

Source: andreeasavescu.nailtech

Are you a fan of French art? Make it more creative using the leaf art. These beautiful and delicate leaves look so natural and feminine. Adore your nail’s beauty in white Christmas leaf art. 


White nails and Heart


white nails for chritmas

Source: dominikabudzynska

Spread some Christmas love with your hands too. This minimalist nail art is pretty easy to accomplish. To recreate this, you’ll need only three things white polish and red hearts, and nail glue to secure them.


White Rocking nails


white nails

Source: bebeautiful_india

Would you ever risk rocking white nails for Christmas? Here’s how you will definitely stand out with a little twist of heart at the cuticles. Have fun and enjoy Christmas! 


Gold Chrome Art


gold and white nails

Source: sna_professional

Looks like a snakeskin, this snake would be the most beautiful snake in the world. But for now, these nails would be the best for unique and exciting nail art for the holiday season. 


Cozy Christmas


white winter nails

Source: alina_moise

Why not drool a whole white winter look for Christmas? Give your short nails a new transformation for Christmas with cozy and warm vibes. 


White Glitter Nails


white glitter nails for chritstmas

Source: studionails.la

I think it’s very festive. And at this time of the year, there is nothing better than mixing glitter and white. This white Christmas nail art gives off major festive energy, and the gold glitter keeps it over the top in the dark.


White French with Pearl Accent


white nails and pearls

The shining pearl finish is seen in this Christmas nail art definitely makes a statement. It’s a holiday party–friendly and it’ll perfectly match with that cozy sweater that you’re going to wear for the day. 


Classy sassy Christmas nails


cute nails for christmas

Source: breebutzin

This cute Christmas nail art combines all the good things that cheer you for a Christmas mani. White base with an added Christmas art of trees, gifts, and celebrations will take a lot of time to recreate. 


Snowwhite and a Bunch of Berries


white nails Christmas

Source: nail_art_kapriz

This Christmas nail art is just the perfect nail art that is chic and simple. A bunch of red berries on two fingers makes it so pretty. You can redraw them or use only stickers to copy this design. 


Christmas Polka Dots nails


white nails and polka dots

Source: chudova_nailart

How about this nail idea? Isn’t it these polka dots look gorgeous on the white base. Extremely thoughtful and different designs on all nails. It gives a new approach to style white nails only for Christmas. 


Butterfly nails


white nails with butterfly

Source: saviland_fanclub

There are not many arts and designs in these nails. Yet their simplicity speaks. White acrylic nails with a touch of a butterfly on the top are enough to make the difference. 


Inside out Swirls


white and black


Black and white may not seem like a traditional option for Christmas nails, but it is one of the most classic combos. And striking nail art like this can be worn with everything and everywhere. It suits all skin tones and can be created on nail lengths. 


Sparkling White nails 


sparkling white nails

Source: glamournailsny

What better way to draw attention to your hands than with sparkling White nail art? The appeal of this color is that it works with all the touch of sparkle adds festive glam to plain white nails. 


White flames


white flames nails

Source: touchofsuperior

Do you want to create some extraordinary than snowflakes, Santa’s, and gold glitter? Then this nail art is just right for you. You can highlight it more with more contrasting colors like red. Otherwise, the white fits for all. 


White swirls


white swirls

Source: kasia_z_pazurem

You can express a lot through your nails if you want to. This design shows more elegance and class. Three nails white and two nails white swirls glam up for the party. Sometimes keeping it formal is all you need. 


Green Gift art


green and white christmas nails

Source: iramshelton

There is no better time than the festive season to have fun with your designs, and there are plenty of options for what you can choose. For now, let’s make it gifty. And why not wear your favorite one today. Merry Christmas! 

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