Why should you Dry Brush your Skin? 

Why should you dry brush your skin

Skincare is not limited to just applying products, today it has become a huge ocean of the secrets not revealed and offering so much to pamper your skin. In recent years the more the skincare goals are accepted, the more beauty secrets of the old times have turned into light. Like the one dry brushing. You might have heard a little among the celebs who have been a fan of dry brushing. The ancient practice has taken a sudden hype in the following years. WHAT IS DRY BRUSHING AND WHY SHOULD YOU DRY BRUSH is currently I’m looking into it.  Dry brushing is often described as similar to skin exfoliating or scrubbing. And it’s a dry scrub. Ever wondered if we could brush our skin the same way we brush our hair and teeth. Well, I haven’t thought before and now when I tried myself, I couldn’t wait to share some of the really healthy benefits of dry brushing. If you’re stuck in your thoughts about giving your skin a brushing below is every answer related to dry brushing. 

Why should you Dry Brush your Skin? 

Before we turn to why you should dry brush your skin, it’s important we should understand a little about what actually is dry brushing. Dry brushing is as easy as its name, a soft-bristled brush that you use all over the body in a circular motion. Dry brushing is in fact a great way to exfoliate without any chemical scrubs. 

The reason you must dry brushing is simply to stimulate the lymphatic system, increase circulation and energy, break down the cellulite and detoxify skin. The idea behind using a brush is that the fibers of the brush when moved over the skin remove the dead skin cells from the top layer of skin and improve the appearance. 

When you are not happy with your skin even after doing so much, offer a moment of little dry care and feel the result. Dry brushing is often cited as detoxifying. Although it doesn’t do anything to your internal body functioning, it is sure to be great for surface cleaning. Toxins are part of our everyday life. Our body can accumulate toxins either from the food we eat, air making the system clogged up. Dry brushing is what you should be doing to help the body release toxins through sweat. The bristle of the brush helps to open up the clogged pores making it easier for the body to sweat. 

Maybe it’s circulation, detoxification, or exfoliating, a 10-minute massage to the body is simply invigorating and energizing. And there’s no denying dry brushing just feels good on the skin. 


How often should you dry brush your skin? 

Dry brushing is relaxing and seems like giving a dry massage to the body. To incorporate dry brushing into your own skincare routines, begin as you normally do once or twice a week. Don’t be tempted to dry brush your skin every day, it can make you feel a little irritated because dry brushing often leaves your skin dry, and doing it daily doesn’t give the skin time to heal and recover. 

Is Moisturizer Good for Dry Skin? 

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How long does it take to see results from dry brushing?

The method of dry brushing is known to reduce muscle tension, relax the mind, relieve stress. Often it has a lot more mind-pleasing benefits that connect with the body functioning as well.  The results and benefits of dry brushing can be felt the moment you turn the brush over your body. 

It is similar to giving your scalp a massage and within one or two weeks, there is a complete change in the skin texture, glow, and touch. Your skin will feel softer and smoother. 

Do you have to shower after dry brushing? 

Yes, you should shower after dry brushing. Many experts have recommended dry brushing your skin before a shower. So that after you have completed dry brushing, you should shower in order to wash away any extra dead skin cells that the brushing might have exfoliated from your skin. Use a towel to pat dry the skin and apply a moisturizer or any oil to provide moisture. 

Should you moisturize after dry brushing?

Dry brushing often leaves the skin dry, so it’s recommended to moisturize the skin after dry brushing. It’s always done on dry, fresh skin without any lotion. After the dry brushing session, the skin craves a lubricant. Because of the friction when rubbing the brush against the surface of the skin might feel a little scratchy and irritated or dry. Using a moisturizer or any oil provides the essential hydration and locks the skin moisture. 

How to dry brush your skin? 

Why should you dry brush your skin

Keep in mind that dry brushing is always done on the skin without any lotion or makeup. To dry brush follow a simple approach and treat your skin with love. Be gentle and soft to every body part. 

  • Start with your feet, move the bristles in a circular motion and continue for 1-2 minutes. 
  • The soles of the feet are quite thick, you can apply pressure here and gentle roll over the brush upwards. 
  • Brush your legs, knees, buttocks, abdomen, and be careful in sensitive areas like the chest. 
  • Maintain a slight pressure when you move towards your face. The skin is more sensitive on the face. 
  • Spend at least a minute in every spot. For the back use a long handle brush. 
  • After dry brushing takes a cool shower to remove the dead skin, pat dry, and use a moisturizer. 


Is dry brushing better than scrubbing? 

Even though both dry brushing and scrubbing exfoliate the skin. But the process is extremely different. When you dry brush you simply take a brush and run over the body but when you scrub, you follow a procedure. You take a scrub, gently rub it against the skin and wash away to remove the dead skin cells. After that, you massage the skin with oil in order to improve circulation and hydration. 

To make the difference clear, both methods have a great impact to improve the texture and appearance of the ski. However, when compared with scrubbing, dry brushing might not be able to benefit as much as scrubbing. Sometimes you may not be able to effectively remove the dead skin cells and could reach areas like the back. Dry brushing is only helpful for physical exfoliating. A tool doesn’t hold the ability to improve the skin unless it is treated deep inside the layers. But overall dry brushing is a great investment for the body as dry massage care. 

Does dry brushing help with loose skin?

Dry brushing stimulates the nervous and lymphatic systems and the oil and hormonal glands in your body while relieving stress. As blood flow increases and toxins release, your skin will firm. But there is no evidence that can prove that dry brushing helps with loose skin. Loose skin occurs due to various factors the one most common is aging. The aging process goes on. The only possible ways to help with loose skin are exercise and eating. 

With the help of dry brushing, you can only provide a healthy massage that improves the blood flow and stimulate fibroblast. These cells are responsible for promoting collagen and elastin that keep the skin soft and firm. Some studies suggested that massage is a healthy way to boost metabolism and slow skin aging to some extent. Dry brushing two to three times serves the purpose of skin rejuvenating. 


Final thought

Dry brushing is a great tool that is inexpensive and easy to use. If you wish to dry brush your skin, it is important to use the right kind of brush and follow the correct technique. People who have sensitive and acne-prone skin should avoid it or do it carefully. 

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